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With the emergence of artificial intelligence, trademark agents may lose their jobs

one day, my client sent me the following picture, very sympathetic to me, saying that you might lose your job ~ make plans early. This is the following picture. The promotional picture shows: whether the trademark application in Beijing can be successfully registered in 2.8 seconds

is this credible or not? Because the emergence of artificial intelligence can indeed replace human experience and judgment in some cases. Is it the same in our intellectual property industry

we didn't ask which intellectual property company is represented behind this advertisement, because it doesn't matter. However, can intelligent machines replace people? This problem can really be discussed. If the real machine can be so awesome, we can really finish class early, such as planting sweet potatoes at home, right

to solve this problem, first of all, we have to make clear the fourth problem, whether all logos and words can be registered as trademarks

the answer is definitely No. For example, Article 10 of the trademark law clearly stipulates that some words cannot be used as trademarks, not to mention that you have systematically sorted out and registered the material constraints currently facing your field. However, under such strict regulations, there are still exceptions

for example,

according to Article 10 of the trademark law, a trademark that is the same or similar to the name of a foreign country cannot be used as a trademark. This situation includes:

but let's look at a case, which is just opposite to the above provisions. It is the same or similar to the country name, but it is still registered successfully

did the examiner of the China Trademark Office drain the water? Of course not, because there are special exceptions under the prohibitive provisions. As long as the exceptions are met, the registration can still be successful. So how can we know whether this trademark meets the exception? This requires the trademark applicant to provide corresponding evidence

in such a case, a 2.8-second rapid evaluation is impossible

secondly, if the trademark does not violate Articles 10, 11 and 12 of the trademark law, and then through search, it is found that there is a similar trademark in advance, does it mean that this trademark must not be registered

this is not the case. In fact, in the trademark rejection review stage, in some cases, the commercial jury can accept the trademark coexistence agreement. Or there are individual cases, which need to take some auxiliary legal measures, and then you can still register

after analyzing here, suddenly there is a problem that if the fixture is divided according to the structure, the trademark query is for accuracy and the corresponding application solution, why should it be fast? This is not Chinese martial arts. Is there any truth that only speed can't be broken? In addition, how to calculate the 2.8 seconds? A little curious

our staff of Ajia intellectual property still suggest that you do not need to be quick in trademark inquiry, and it is more appropriate to carry out corresponding brand protection on the premise of full communication between the enterprise and the intellectual property staff

the above remarks are only analyzed from an objective point of view, and do not say that 2.8 seconds of query advertising is bad, or that this remark is exaggerated. Because the world is so big, there are all kinds of wonders. You may really be able to solve the problem of improving the effectiveness of new material design, production and manufacturing that the Trademark Office has not solved. You can solve it in 2.8 seconds. This is a major contribution, because the pressure of Trademark Office review is too great now. Even if I don't work in the Bureau, I can really feel the pressure of the time limit review system of the inspectors in the bureau from the current number of applications

if it causes discomfort to some enterprises, please write and we will make corresponding corrections. But as of the publication of the article, we haven't asked the customer which enterprise it is after clicking this advertisement. Because I really don't care

in addition, although this article is original, you are welcome to reprint it. It doesn't matter whether you note the source or not. We waive the corresponding copyright. Just hope that Zhengjian can be more, less routine, and more sincere

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