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Hundreds of enterprises have been introduced to settle in the embryonic form of valve industry cluster.

valve is one of the industries with more market influence in Nan'an mechanical equipment industry. In recent years, dozens of well-known valve brands have emerged in Nan'an, such as Shengli, Shanghai Airlines, Yingqiao, Huaying, Dexing, Tianhong, etc. people in Nan'an abroad have made "Nanzi" valves famous in China by acquiring state-owned valve enterprises, etc.

the figure shows the NC workshop of Yingqiao valves. Liao Ye Gao

valve is one of the more influential industries in Nan'an mechanical equipment industry. In recent years, dozens of well-known valve brands have emerged in Nan'an, such as Shengli, Shanghai Airlines, Yingqiao, Huaying, Dexing, Tianhong, etc. in addition, Nan'an people abroad have made "Nan Zi" valves famous in China by acquiring state-owned valve enterprises

up to now, more than 70% of the valve sales in the country have been controlled by Nan'an people. However, the sales volume of local valve enterprises in Nan'an only accounts for about 5% of the national valve market. The large gap has touched the nerves of many people in the industry

transformation and upgrading and improving the industrial chain have become a sharp weapon for Nan'an to build a valve industry cluster in recent years. While strengthening technological transformation and accelerating the introduction of new products, these enterprises have also developed in depth from upstream and downstream, increasing capital and capacity, providing a richer living soil for long-term development and sustainable operation. Recently, it was learned from Nanan Municipal Bureau of statistics that the annual output value of 16 valve enterprises above Designated Size in Nanan in 2013 is expected to reach 2.192 billion yuan, an increase of 76.2% year-on-year, and the valve industry is rising rapidly

the growth rate of technological transformation of 20 valve enterprises

the release of production capacity exceeds 30%

in the Yingqiao valve workshop, raw steel castings that have not been processed are placed neatly, and workers are using the highly mechatronic processing center introduced this year for product processing

since the beginning of last year, Yingqiao has spent tens of millions of yuan to add 1 electronic digital welding, 2 highly electromechanical integrated machining centers, and 10 CNC machine tools. Since the new equipment was put into use, the production efficiency has increased by more than 50%. As the only enterprise producing steam traps in Fujian Province, Yingqiao valve keeps innovating and strives to take the road of specialization and refinement

"the expansion of enterprise scale forces technological upgrading." Talking about the original intention of technological transformation, hongxinqiang, deputy general manager of Yingqiao valve, said. At present, after the workpiece is clamped, the two machining centers can automatically select and change the tool according to different processes, automatically change the spindle speed, etc., and can continuously complete the drilling, boring, milling and other processes, which improves the efficiency twoorthree times, greatly reduces the single piece assembly time, and can also quickly process parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements

Shengli valve is also one of the enterprises with large production capacity in Nan'an, with a processing capacity of 250million yuan last year. Wangmugou, deputy general manager of the company, said that last year, they also upgraded the equipment, invested more than 3 million yuan before and after, and the production efficiency increased by at least 30%. "After the introduction of the new equipment, the production capacity of one person can now equal at least two people." He said

similarly, since last year, Dexing valve automatic production line and cast steel technology have been successfully tested and put into production, including a series of production processes such as molding, modeling, smelting, coating, cleaning, heat treatment, etc. The mold of this production line is independently designed and developed by Dexing valve, and the new resin sand process is adopted, which greatly improves the strength and surface smoothness of semi-finished products

"for such a 100 meter cast steel production line, the traditional production line needs 40 or 50 workers, but only 12 workers are required to complete all processes after semi automation, and the operation is simple; workers with casting work experience can take up their posts after only days of training." Wujianhua, general manager of Dexing valve, said

as a rising star of valves, Huashi valve, founded in 2010, introduced advanced equipment such as hot forging machine tools, automatic shot blasting machines, CNC machine tools, automatic assembly lines from Italy and Germany that year to ensure the automation, standardization and mechanization of production processes

so far, Huashi valve has completed the technical research and development and sample trial production of more than 80 kinds of conventional copper valves such as gate valve, ball valve and stop valve. In 2013, all standards for gas valves will be further improved. Product series such as door, soft pass valve and water supply and drainage valve will be revised to develop special products to meet different market needs. Among them, the T-type filter valve and stop check valve developed by the company have also obtained national patents

"last year, the overall situation of the valve industry was not very good. Many enterprises did not achieve their growth goals. Without transformation and upgrading to improve production automation, the future development path of enterprises will be narrower and narrower." Jiang Wei, chairman of Jianuo valve, believes that. According to incomplete statistics, about 20 valve enterprises in Nan'an carried out technological transformation last year, with a total investment of tens of millions of yuan, releasing more than 30% of the production capacity

the three industrial parks have attracted hundreds of enterprises

the growth momentum of industrial clusters is strong

"I bought 100 mu of land, and the first phase of construction is more than 60 mu. I will build factories first, and then build office buildings in the next step, and put into production while building." In the spacious new car room, hongdongliang, chairman of Huaying valve, told that entering Yingdu hengsaka valve base means that the enterprise has embarked on a new journey of "secondary entrepreneurship"

competing to settle in the professional park has become a new phenomenon in Nan'an valve industry. At present, the Nan'an Western valve industrial base formed by industrial parks such as Luncang Gaoxin Park, Yingdu HengBan valve base, and Luncang Meiyu Industrial Park has attracted nearly 100 valve manufacturing enterprises. Among them, there are more than 50 large-scale enterprises, and many enterprises have become drafting units and approving units of national and industrial standards for valve products, enjoying a voice in the industry

with Luncang high tech park, Yingdu hengsaka valve base and Luncang Meiyu Industrial Park as the main battlefields, Nan'an valve industry has built a complementary tourism culture, specialized production lines such as manufacturing, machining, polishing and electroplating, and an industrial structure from leading to cluster and then to matching. Among them, Yingdu hengsaka valve base alone has more than 20 valve manufacturing and related enterprises, including yingkate, Huaying, Yingqiao, etc. Last month, a total of 584.93 million yuan was invested in nine key industrial projects in the base, 101.73% of the annual plan; The fixed asset investment was 489.04 million yuan, 97.03% of the annual plan, with a year-on-year increase of 21.62%. It is reported that after the construction of the base is completed, the annual output value is expected to reach 3.5 billion yuan, and the tax revenue will exceed 100million yuan

Yingqiao valve is an old local enterprise in Yingdu, and now it is a new member of hengsaka valve base. In Hong Xinqiang's view, because there are foundry enterprises, heat treatment enterprises, as well as supporting enterprises such as molds and better comparative design through experiments, a relatively complete industrial chain is being formed, which has attracted more local scale enterprises such as Shenluda and Fuquan to move into this industrial cluster

and the industrial park in Luncang is also in full swing. Since 2013, Luncang has made great efforts to optimize the entrepreneurial environment of the high-tech park, Meiyu Industrial Park and other parks, and promote the development of the valve industry with the park economy. Last month, the first and second phases of Meiyu Industrial Park have invested 56million yuan in the construction of supporting facilities in the park; At present, the third phase of Meiyu Industrial Park has invested 56.5 million yuan, and the requisition of more than 1800 mu of project construction land has been completed, and the construction drawing design is under way

Jianuo valve has been settled in Nan'an for six years. At the beginning, it rented a factory in the urban area. Why did it choose to settle in the high-tech park? Jiang Wei said that under the guidance of a supplier, he talked with the leaders of the local town government once and resolutely moved the whole enterprise into the high-tech park. "It turns out that this is not only a fundamental transformation of the plastic granulator process, but also a mountainous area. The local government continues to invest in the development and construction of a professional industrial park, which has a strong attraction." In Jiang Wei's view, the local government actively assisted in handling the relevant procedures, so that the enterprises could easily settle in and put into production quickly

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