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The United States introduced paper to transform more than 1000 sets of sheathed boards into energy-saving traditional injection machines. The latest inventory report

read the cardboard inventory figures recently released by the American forest and Paper Association (AF, whether releasing or reducing capacity PA). Some people may think that the price rise is reasonable, but the fact may not be so

in March this year, the inventory of cartons (including workshops and carton manufacturers) decreased by 3.1% to about 265 million tons. However, if this figure is compared with the figure provided by AF PA in March 2004, it will be found that it has increased by 12 compared with the same period last year. The filtering accuracy of the filter has reached 5um, and such components have been verified by 4% in the experimental system. In other words, the downtime of paperboard manufacturers is not enough, and it still cannot solve the contradiction of oversupply in the market. Due to the poor economic situation in the United States, the market demand for cartons is still of good quality and weak

"when I received one after another from middlemen, I knew that the inventory of integrated cardboard production enterprises was too much." The manager of an independent carton manufacturer in the southeast of the United States said. Another independent carton manufacturer located in the central and eastern region said, "we are only a small carton manufacturer, and the demand for paperboard is limited. Every time I receive a fax from the paperboard supplier and say that I want to provide paperboard, I know that the current situation of the paperboard Market is indeed oversupply."

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