The latest catalyst helps polypropylene material c

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The new catalyst helped polypropylene material consumption drop significantly

the trial effect of the new catalyst in the polypropylene unit of the olefin Department of Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical Company recently began to show, and the material consumption of the unit was reduced by 0.36 kg per ton, a record low

according to the introduction, the olefin Department of Tianjin Petrochemical Company communicated with experts on the trial of the new catalyst in view of the actual situation that too much fine powder in polypropylene products affects material consumption, fully understood the performance and indicators of the new catalyst DQC, and formulated a detailed and thorough trial plan. During the trial period, the staff strictly implemented the operation scheme why PLA materials can be printed and formed by FDM, collected process parameters, and timely adjusted the operation parameters according to the product quality to ensure the smooth operation of the device. It is reported that after the trial use of the new catalyst, the daily average fine powder amount of the device decreased by about 61 kg, greatly reducing material loss and environmental pollution

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