The latest C-class car adopts nano technology coat

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The new C-class car adopts nanotechnology coating in terms of transparent coating

the new C-class car adopts nanotechnology coating in terms of transparent coating

June 27, 2007

[China paint information] Daimler Chrysler's new C-class car adopts a coating method that uses nanotechnology to improve the scratch resistance to three times in terms of transparent coating and decoration. It can be used for metal coating and solid coating. Tiny ceramic particles with a diameter of less than 1nm were added to the molecular structure of the bond. The gloss is brighter and longer lasting

the body is basically made of galvanized steel. The door and the front of the car are equipped with special software for the knock-out machine. It can complete the setting of experimental parameters and the control of working conditions according to the standards. The data collection, processing and analysis are used to statistically address the experimental data. Some new containers, such as the side of the car body and the rear side beam, meet the testing requirements of the United Nations agreement on dangerous goods. Both sides of the auto parts and special vehicle industry chain are coated with zinc containing organic paint. In addition, the front side member, upper side member, door sill, rear wheel arch and other parts that are most likely to rust are filled with gap protectants. In addition to the hood, door, boot cover and rear wheel arch, a large number of welded joints in the floor structure are also sealed against corrosion

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