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The new detergent bottle is more convenient and humanized

a flagship product of sustainable product company replenish has made its debut recently. This product with the design of reusable concentrated mixing and delivery system (patented system for reusable concentration, mixing and delivery) will challenge the traditional household detergent bottle and consumption mode and trigger a new revolution. Replenish is easy to use. It is an environmental friendly universal surface ultra concentrated household cleaner

this product is composed of a durable detergent bottle body and a replaceable detergent bottle bottom. The bottom part of the detergent bottle is filled with highly concentrated detergent. When using, first turn the detergent bottle upside down and squeeze out a little detergent, and then inject clean water into the detergent bottle to mix. Replenish specially designed detergent products can facilitate consumers to control the amount of detergent. Because the bottom of the bottle can be easily replaced, different cleaners can also share a detergent bottle, which saves a lot of resources. However, in CPLD, four bottles (64 ounces) of powerful detergent can be mixed with each centralized pod, so that the product can be obtained without dumping the bottle of detergent, and waste can be reduced at the same time

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