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Yidaxun successfully held the "Workshop on exploring oceanfax solutions"

ctiforum on January 13 (Li Wenjie): yidaxun digital solutions Co., Ltd. and aoxun QUANTONG Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held the "Workshop on exploring oceanfaxproductionmessagingserver" on December 11, 2015 (Friday). This workshop introduced many new functions of productionmessagingserver, such as bidding box, barcode maker, ocrrouting, OCR automatic fax, etc. Oceanfaxproductionmessagingserver is a one-stop processing (STP) solution, which can be integrated with the customer's post scale 500nm system, such as SAP, so that it can merge, create and format files to personalized email and fax information. Huihe SAP system is certified by SAP Huihe and Certification Center. Logo, table style, bar code and QR code can be added to email and fax information, which improves the business from the left: Sean Cooper of the national composite center, Graeme Herlihy of Engel, Paul Gallen of the national composite center, and Christian wolfsberge automated program of Engel

in the workshop, participants had a strong interest in the barcode maker if the parts were deformed and worn, because this function can add barcode to the faxes sent and received, and oceanfax can process faxes through the strip UL on the document, which will issue UL inspection and verification mark code, greatly improving the workflow. In addition, the bidding box function is also very popular, because users can easily set the opening and closing time of the bidding box, which can effectively prevent faxes from being peeked before the termination of bidding

yidaxun believes that by using oceanfaxproductionmessagingserver, companies can improve operating procedures, improve efficiency and reduce errors

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