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Motor disassembly equipment usually calls copper with a copper content of more than 99% as No. 1 copper, which can be remelted and used directly without further processing; Copper with a minimum copper content of 94.5% is called No. 2 copper. This waste copper must usually be remelted before being used in the form of metallic copper. Other common classification grades also include leaded brass, brass and low zinc brass, cartridge case brass, automotive heat sinks, and high. Its main advantage is to significantly reduce the cost of net metal consumption. Waste copper is also used in the production of copper chemicals, but it is difficult to obtain quantitative data

motor disassembly equipment Anyang industry has developed after nearly 60 years of accumulation and cultivation. Not only has the variety composition of waste miscellaneous non-ferrous metals changed greatly, but also a large number of foreign waste miscellaneous non-ferrous metals and all kinds of usable waste poured into the country. Motor disassembly equipment provides rich raw materials for the production of non-ferrous metals in China. The laboratory will focus on the current national industrial structure adjustment, energy conservation and environmental protection Major strategic demand sources such as the pilot project of the top 100 innovative enterprises also put forward new requirements for the production and processing of renewable non-ferrous metals. Therefore, China is also stepping up the formulation of waste metal standards. With reference to the classification standards of waste non-ferrous metals in the United States and the classification technical standards in Europe, the general revised the motor disassembly equipment in combination with the actual situation of China's renewable non-ferrous metal industry, making it more conducive to the implementation of enterprises and management departments. The revision of the standard is expected to be completed by the end of 2022

the electric vehicle motor disassembly machine uses a blade to break the slot wedge from the middle and take it out If it is an open slot, the coil can be pulled out; If it is a closed groove or a semi closed groove, you can use diagonal pliers to cut the termination part of the coil one by one, clamp the wire with pliers from the other end and pull it out one by one

for the disassembly machine of electric vehicle motor, a proper chisel can be used to stabilize the stator, stick a plane of the chisel mouth to the end face of the stator core groove (this is the key of the cold disassembly process), and knock the chisel with a hammer to cut off the coil edge of each winding. Then use a copper bar with proper shape, and the electric vehicle motor disassembly machine to push out the coils in the slot one by one, and clamp the other end of the wire with pliers and pull it out one by one. After using this method to remove the windings, the iron core groove is relatively clean and easy to clean

dismantling of used motors when talking about scrap metal, what else is waste metal in your mind except gold, silver, copper and iron? What does scrap metal include? Anhui Hongda recycling gives you a comprehensive summary. Let's have a good look and have a long knowledge! Most metals in the world can be recycled in the form of recycled metals. The scale of recycled metal industry in industrialized countries is large, and the recycling rate of recycled metals is high. Due to the strong market demand and the rapid development of China's non-ferrous metal industry, China has become a major producer and consumer of non-ferrous metals in the world. China's renewable metal industry has played a decisive role in the development of the world's renewable metal industry. What does scrap metal include? Silver AG, gold Au, arsenic as, bismuth Bi, chromium Cr, cobalt co when the stiffness of the buffer is unchanged, copper Cu, iron Fe, hafnium HF, indium in, iridium IR, molybdenum Mo, manganese Mn, niobium Nb, nickel Ni, palladium PD, platinum Pt, lead Pb, selenium se, tin Sn, antimony sb, titanium TA, titanium Ti, vanadium V, tungsten W, yttrium y, zinc Zn, zirconium Zr, magnesium mg, aluminum Al, silicon Si, phosphorus P and other elements. Hardware/alloy plate, wire rod, ball, particle, powder, shaving, soil, slag, ore, coating, weld, pipe, plastic, circuit board, paste, liquid, etc. Now, do you know better

in order to reduce the maintenance times of Guangxi rotor disassembly machinery, the operation and inspection personnel at each converter station spent their brains and should be replaced; In the process of repairing the rotor of the main pump motor, we designed a set of tools for quickly disassembling the rotor. The figure below shows Guangxi rotor disassembly machinery

when Guangxi rotor disassembly machinery is operated according to the correct operation process, the disassembly and assembly tools can easily pull or install the electronic rotor from the housing, the rack on the equipment can move left and right to support the rotor, and the trolley can rise or fall according to the rotor height (the falling speed is adjustable). Two trolleys are combined into a set of disassembly tools. During the safe operation of the whole converter station of Guangxi rotor dismantling machinery, most of the faults may be the leakage of the main circulating pump. In the one-year maintenance, the mechanical seal of the main circulating pump is also the most maintained

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