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Yichang Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is known as the "base of twister" in China, and has a production history of more than 40 years. In recent years, warp and weft spinning machines have closely followed the development trend of international advanced technology of spinning machines, independently innovated on the basis of imported technology, and developed a series of new twisters, which have become the leading equipment in the domestic market and are exported to the United States, Brazil, South Korea and other countries. 1. The plastic processing industry has entered the period of growth and shifting gears, and achieved a stable and healthy development, realizing the historic innovation of domestic textile machinery entering developed countries

scale production, build a high-end twister production base with a total floor area of 97 mu

the construction project of Yichang Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. high end textile machinery production base was started in July 2007, covering an area of 54322.32 square meters. It is divided into the third phase of the general assembly workshop, sheet metal spraying line and data control processing center, and the investment is expected to exceed 200 million. At present, the first phase of the project marked by the construction of the general assembly workshop has been completed in March, 2008 and officially put into operation. The second phase project marked by the construction of sheet metal spraying line is under intense construction, and the third phase project with the construction of CNC machining center as the core will be completed by the end of 2010

after the completion of the project, Yichang warp and weft spinning machine new twister will realize mass production, and the scale of new k3502 carpet yarn twister will reach 80, 120 high-end equipment of new industrial yarn direct twister and 80 new glass fiber twister will be added every year. The annual output value will reach 500million yuan and the tax will exceed 50million yuan

this project has been affirmed by the national development and Reform Commission. In the new industrial bond investment plan issued by the state at the end of 2008, Yichang Jingwei Textile Machinery high-end textile machinery production base project received 6.23 million yuan of treasury bond free financial support

independent innovation and a differentiated development path

twister is one of the important technical equipment in the textile industry and the post-processing equipment of spinning

no matter natural fiber or chemical fiber, it needs to be twisted by twisting machine to meet the needs of the next process. The twisting machine process and technical requirements required by different industries vary greatly. In recent years, with the strong foreign textile machinery enterprises entering the Chinese market one after another and the rapid rise of domestic private textile machinery enterprises, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Developing various new twisters to meet the needs of different industries has become an important task and a magic weapon for textile machinery manufacturing enterprises

Yichang warp and weft spinning machine has gradually explored product differentiation in the process of high-tech marketization, and achieved remarkable benefits. Through introduction, cooperation and independent development, the enterprise has continuously improved its product R & D and technological innovation system, actively cultivated its independent innovation ability, and developed a series of new twisters with international advanced level, such as cord straight twister, glass fiber twister, carpet yarn twister, carbon fiber twister, etc

these new high-end twisting equipment integrate machine, electricity, automation and other technologies, and have the advantages of large volume, high yield, high efficiency, energy saving and labor saving. They mainly serve the automobile tire cord fabric industry, carpet manufacturing and processing industry, glass fiber industry of electronic copper clad laminate, and industrial special fabrics, etc. they meet the needs of various industries and customer groups, and have the system supply capacity of twisting equipment products, The warp and weft textile machinery got rid of the inspection plan. From the beginning of April, it began to face off with similar enterprises, stood out, and walked out of a path of differentiated development

Yichang warp and weft spinning machine has applied for a patent for the key technology in the glass twisting and direct twisting process, which can carry out a number of performance experiments on various materials, such as stretching, tightening, bending, etc., and has obtained one national invention patent and six utility model patents. The k3502 carpet yarn twister in the new high-end twister not only fills the domestic technical gap, but also becomes the first product of China's textile machinery to enter developed countries such as Europe and the United States, providing a continuous driving force and a new stage for the development of enterprises

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