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InnoDisk officially launched its new innoage SSD

InnoDisk (I scope continues to expand) officially launched its new innoage SSD, built-in Microsoft azure sphere, which can realize the multi-functional management of intelligent data analysis and update, data security and remote control through the cloud

on August 7, 2019, us time, InnoDisk and its subsidiaries aetina, antzer and millitronic once again joined hands with Microsoft, Samsung, supermicro, lips and other partners to hold an aiot summit at the 2019 flash memory Summit (FMS) held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, California

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at this aiot summit, InnoDisk officially launched a new innoage SSD with Microsoft azure sphere built in, which can realize intelligent data analysis and update, data security and multi-functional management of remote control through the cloud

integrate edge and cloud aiot solutions

our close cooperation with Microsoft has produced real innovation aimed at solving the real challenges faced by today's enterprises. Innoage SSD is an integrated solution specially designed for aiot architecture. It carries out data analysis, data security and data management through Microsoft azure sphere to ensure the communication security between all IOT and aiot devices. This is a great milestone for both companies

--- jianchuansheng, chairman of InnoDisk

azure sphere provides innoage SSD with a layer of security performance and remote monitoring, and no administrator is required. Embedded on edge devices, it will collect data and provide multifunctional management commands through the cloud, such as error correction, firmware update, data analysis, AES encryption, fast erase, destroy, read-write protection, secure erase, refresh and recovery. With these functions, innoage SSD with built-in Microsoft azure sphere can be used in all fields of aiot standardization, including manufacturing, monitoring, unmanned devices, vending machines and digital signage

innoage SSD ensures the interface with customized cloud management platform. The firmware designed by the company receives commands from Microsoft azure sphere, which is connected with supporting tests: drop weight impact test, creep ratio test, melt activity rate, and Microsoft azure cloud deployment of the enterprise. In addition, it can execute debug messages and help monitor r/w behavior patterns that optimize storage life. If the system crashes, it can be restored to its default settings from the cloud based dashboard. Finally, innoage SSD is specially designed for in band and out of band network management to overcome the current recovery challenge of insufficient in band management, that is, to sum up, it is the relevant content of the working conditions and use characteristics of FRP tensile testing machine, so that it can provide data recovery when the operating system is shut down or damaged

innoage SSD is designed for remote recovery from hardware and software innovation and is patented. Made in China 2025 has been an end-to-end edge and cloud integration solution since it was officially issued by the State Council in 2015. It can be used in conjunction with real-time monitoring applications and will play a role in the future aiot experience

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