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Yide Futures: crude oil closed sharply higher, and the rubber market is expected to rise sharply

the US crude oil futures rose continuously in the past two trading days. Yesterday, the Japanese rubber again chose to jump in the morning, and there should be no slippage. It opened high in the air, once rising to 304.5 points, but there is still significant pressure above the 10 day moving average, and the increase in the late trading narrowed

yesterday, the main force of Shanghai Jiaotong (22900370.00,1.64%, bar) 0811 followed the high opening of Japan Jiaotong. Although there was a diving market in the session, it maintained a shock upward trend as a whole. The trend of 0809 contract in early trading was relatively flat. Near the noon close, there was a sudden sharp decline in volume, which once fell to 26100 points. In the afternoon, it rose with the Japanese glue, closing at 26690 points, down 110 points, or 0.41%, and the position decreased by 1236 to 46392 hands. Yesterday, the 0809 contract closed again on the K-line with up and down hatches. Under the relatively clear background of short fundamentals, it showed that the market's price difference on the high-level operation of the contract accounted for 1/3 of the world. In 2013, the frontier new materials in the '1025' development plan for the new material industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology included graphene. However, at present, the positions of the main bulls in the 0809 contract are still concentrated. Even if the micro unevenness of the surface of the workpiece is larger, there is still no obvious sign of position reduction in yesterday's intraday plunge, so its ability to control the futures price is strong

judging from the current trend, the stabilization of crude oil has boosted the rubber market. Although it can not change the background of the overall short fundamentals, at least the recent upward price has provided favorable support. Yesterday, crude oil futures in the US market rose by nearly 5% overnight, and it is expected that both rijiao and Shanghai Jiao will rise by a large margin today

in terms of operation, short-term trading within the day is recommended

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