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Yide Futures: crude oil stopped falling and rose, and the rubber market may rebound

in the early stage, the daily rubber obtained technical support at the important point of 300 points, but the late futures price was subject to the short-term average, and the upward pressure was prominent. Yesterday, rijiao broke down in early trading and fell in shock, closing at 296.2 points, down 7.1 points, or 2.34%. However, it also provided an opportunity to catch up with and surpass the development. The rise of US crude oil futures on the evening of the 3rd led to the high opening of the daily glue in the morning of the 14th, but then the daily glue rose to the 10 day moving average and was blocked, thus launching a new wave of decline. Crude oil futures in the US market rose 1.47% last night, and technical indicators showed signs of stabilization. Whether rijiao could take the opportunity to get rid of the decline and rebound today will determine the general direction of the trend in the later period

yesterday, the main contract 0811 of Shanghai Rubber fell violently, and there was a sharp decline following Japan rubber in the afternoon, closing at 21585 points, down 46 points. However, the case of plastic parts with excessive odor was 0 points, down 2.09%, and the position increased by 4500 to 74768 hands. With the delivery of 0808 contract, 0809 Contract became a spot monthly contract, the trading volume gradually decreased, and the intraday fluctuation was large. It closed at 26545 points, up 25 points, or 0.09%, and the position decreased by 1846 to 49980 hands. In recent trading days, the K-line of 0809 contract has long upper and lower shadow lines, indicating that the market has great differences on the contract price. But on the whole, under the background of relatively clear fundamentals, the upward pressure on futures prices is greater

in terms of spot goods, the summary of Chinalco's transaction market shows that the average price of scr5/5# standard glue was 27329 yuan/ton yesterday, and the amount of orders was 580 tons. There was no transaction throughout the day, and the market once again chose to refuse the spot goods with high prices with silence. In the spot markets of Hengshui, Zhejiang and other places, the trading range of domestic standard one glue was yuan/ton, down 200 yuan/ton from yesterday; Styrene butadiene rubber (using software program to control sampling interval, total sampling time, etc. 21900240.00,1.11%, bar) trading range is yuan/ton, CIS butadiene rubber trading range is yuan/ton, down 200 yuan/ton from yesterday

the rebound of the Shanghai Jiao 0811 contract in the early stage stopped at the 5-day moving average. Yesterday, it broke the low point of August 15 below the mid Yin line, and there is room for further decline in the futures price. However, the rise of overnight crude oil futures will drive the strength of Japanese rubber today, so Shanghai rubber also has a rebound demand, and we are concerned about whether the futures price can break the short-term average. Operationally, maintain the strategy of relying on the 5-day moving average short order trading in the early stage

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