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Yichang has the thinnest glass in China, with a thickness of only 0.7 mm. On December 26, Yichang CSG display device phase I project was officially completed and put into trial production, creating a miracle of "signing, commencement and trial production of major projects in the city in the same year"

a simple trial production ceremony was held in the workshop. Huang Chuping, member of the Standing Committee of Hubei provincial Party committee and Secretary of Yichang municipal Party committee, Ma Xuming, deputy secretary of Yichang municipal Party committee and mayor, and Zeng Nan, chairman and CEO of CSG group, jointly pressed the crystal ball to start the production line

the first phase of the project mainly includes the relocation of production plants, power stations and related supporting facilities, as well as the existing equipment of display devices in Shenzhen. Among them, the new production lines include the four largest automatic high-end vacuum coating lines in China. Otherwise, they will only remember the initial data production lines set last time, four automatic cutting and edging production lines, four tempering production lines, and the main operating factors affecting the friction coefficient: 72 polishing machines, 10 automatic cleaning lines, etc

"the vacuum coating production line that has been built is the most advanced coating production line for flat panel display devices in China. The self-developed monolithic glass touch panel products have obtained Microsoft win stable and reliable 8 touch certification." Ke Hanqi, vice president of CSG group, said in his speech that the core technologies of film and substrate processing such as magnetron sputtering, nanolithography, fine bonding, cutting, grinding and polishing are at the domestic leading and international advanced level

caowendong, manager of the production department of Yichang CSG display Co., Ltd., said that glass products are mainly used for touch screens such as handheld computers, intelligence, vehicle navigation and displays. "Maybe soon, your and my touch screens and car navigation screens may be made in Yichang." Cao Wendong said, "at present, Yichang CSG is the only manufacturer with this production capacity in our province and only three in the country."

it is reported that the project took only 10 months from construction to trial production. Zeng Nan said, "this project created the 'Yichang speed' of signing, starting and putting into production in the same year, which is rare in the province." Kehanqi said that this is due to the concept of being pro business, safe and prosperous by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, as well as the efficient and high-quality implementation of various policies and measures for the people, which makes them personally feel the superior investment environment of Yichang with "high efficiency, low cost and zero obstacles"

"this is a high-quality project with high scientific and technological content, no pollution, green GDP project, good economic benefits and high added value." Yang Meiren, director of the Management Committee of Yichang high tech Zone, said that she would continue to serve CSG wholeheartedly and help CSG science and Technology Park achieve the goal of "3billion output value, 400million tax revenue and 4500 employment" as soon as possible

after the trial production ceremony, Huang Chuping and Ma Xuming went into the workshop to understand the production process and listen to the relevant introduction. It is understood that the production process of this high-tech product is extremely demanding. In a completely enclosed workshop, there can be no particles with a diameter of more than 0.51 microns per cubic meter of space. The production environment is almost dust-free and sterile

Huang Chuping highly appreciated the miracle and speed created by CSG's investment in Yichang, and believed that the completion and trial production of CSG display device phase I project was a great event in the province and a model of transformation and upgrading. He stressed that the whole city should further boost its spirit, strengthen its confidence, and strive to lead the province in comprehensively deepening reform and transforming the development model

Zeng Nan said that he was confident to build the fine glass Dongshan Park into a domestic first-class and internationally renowned industrial base with strong competitiveness. CSG group has invested 6billion yuan in Yichang, which is the largest industrial base of CSG group in China

it is understood that the Shenzhen display device project will be relocated to Yichang as a whole in the first half of next year. At that time, more high-end multilayer film products, double-sided coating products and low resistance film products will be launched. The spring will change the common faults and solutions of the experimental machine, and finally form an upstream and downstream integrated industrial chain, forming an annual production capacity of 35000 tons of ultra-thin electronic glass. Caowendong said that the company is the most high-end supplier in the domestic flat panel display industry, and its products are in short supply and exported to Japan, South Korea and other countries

Wu Guobin, President of CSG group, Zhang Fan, vice president, and song Wenbao, Ma Xuejun, and Yuan Weidong, leaders of Yichang City, attended the completion trial production ceremony. Zhonghua glass () Department

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