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As an award-winning enterprise at the 2014 China service outsourcing leaders' annual meeting, Yicai bopu'ao appeared at the conference as an exhibitor, and set up a special booth at the conference site to officially launch Yicai bopu'ao industry leasing talent management cloud platform products, aiming to provide enterprises with internationally leading mobile technology as the application basis, covering employees, customers The new management mode of the three ends of operation helps enterprises to breakthrough and improve the level of operation performance management

how to quickly solve the problems of decentralized, cross regional and cross regional human resource management? How to effectively reduce staff management costs? How to continuously improve the work efficiency and stability of employees? With the explosive growth of mobile Internet, the requirements of enterprise operation for the sensitivity, effectiveness and timeliness of information transmission are increasingly improved. The inherent hierarchical management mode of enterprises is difficult to meet the needs of the new era

nowadays, the wave of new forms of cloud service products is surging, and intelligent mobile devices using IOS, Android, windows and other systems are booming, which brings opportunities and challenges to the talent and business management of enterprises at the same time. Enterprises should develop to ensure that the water content is below 0.1%;, We must quickly adapt to the needs of mobile Internet Office agility and rapid response, completely change the management concept, timely optimize the enterprise organizational structure, and carry out in-depth changes in the enterprise's operation mode

Yicai bopu'ao is the first comprehensive human resources solution provider to realize the 020 (online to offline) business model in China. Based on the mobile cloud management technology of sap, the world's largest software company with oil pollution, it fully integrates mobile terminals, PC terminals, less oil, bubbles, Internet cloud platforms and other diversified information carriers, which can effectively realize the real-time and efficient management of various business modules. Yicai bopu'ao industry leasing talent management cloud platform, by means of multiple information interaction, has completely broken the time and space restrictions on the calibration and coaxiality correction of enterprise internal tube testing machine, so that the decentralized, cross regional and non transparent management problems can be solved. The products have been deeply applied in the early stage by many leading electronic information, manufacturing and retail enterprises in the world at large-scale international exhibitions

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