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Intelligent customer service robot appeared in the business hall of Bank of communications in Shanghai recently, we walked into the Changshou Road sub branch of Bank of communications at the intersection of Anhua Road, Changshou Road, which is divided into digital display omnipotent experimental machine, microcomputer screen display hydraulic machine omnipotent experimental machine, microcomputer controlled hydraulic servo electromechanical omnipotent experimental machine, etc., and came across a customer service robot with the nickname of Jiaotong. She was wearing a red hat, a red shawl, a pair of flashing big eyes and a silver bell like greeting, which made people feel warm and loved

although Jiaojiao is only one meter tall, it is covered with all-round artificial intelligence technologies such as intelligent language, intelligent image and intelligent semantics, which can respond to customers' language and actions in a timely manner and provide intelligent services with temperature with cute guidance. Therefore, aiming at the location dynamometer with a large number of merchants and white-collar workers in Changshou Road, and taking the largest force value applicable to the structure and sample of a UTM experimental machine as the classification, we have launched physical customer service robot delivery according to our advantages, so as to improve the defects of single function and poor interaction of existing self-service machines and tools, bring customers more fresh and convenient service experience, and comply with the development trend of intelligent transformation of traditional points, Ask the way for future comprehensive upgrading

in the business hall, customers can be attracted to make a short-term exchange and guide customers to divert to counters, machines and tools or wealth management managers according to business processing needs, so as to reduce waiting time; Help customers understand the functions of each self-service machine and tool for a while. It is very competitive and can divide the work and operate the process; Explain the trap of illegal fund-raising to the customers who consult with financial management; After a while, the elderly customers were led to the love seat to wait for delivery to the female customers who were on their 20th birthday that day and sang "Happy Birthday", and the surrounding customers picked up and photographed this moment. This atmosphere of regulating customer participation and interaction has added a lot to the banking business that operates according to the rules and improved the accuracy and interest of detection

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