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"Smart" manufacturing leads "digital" to enjoy the future

on August 28, 2018, "smart" manufacturing leads "digital" to enjoy the future if the manufacturing conditions permit - China Digital Industry Development Forum, jointly sponsored by Reed Exhibitions group and Zhihui industry (to produce the required products), this Forum gathered 5g, big data, industrial interconnection, digital chemical plants, intelligent manufacturing industry authorities and leading enterprise experts. The guests attending the meeting came from engineers and enterprise leaders of 3C, manufacturing, automation engineering, automatic production line transformation, automatic assembly and testing, new energy, medical electronic equipment, etc. with the promotion of "product manufacturing 2025 of some foreign manufacturers in China", accelerate the development of electronic manufacturing towards the future of intelligent, information and digital manufacturing. This forum will focus on the intelligent, information and Display and exchange of digital innovation technology achievements and technical experience

the forum specially invited Ms. Hanrui, director of the electronic information industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, to deliver a welcome speech

next, Ms. Li Wei, founder and CEO of Zhihui industry, the host of the conference, delivered a welcome speech. Ms. Li said: today, elites from the industry and academia gathered in Shenzhen to discuss the practical experience in the field of digital intelligence and analyze the changes, development, opportunities and challenges faced by the manufacturing industry under the background of the current global information technology revolution, focusing on the theme of "smart" manufacturing leading "digital" enjoying the future, Its significance is profound and extraordinary

digitalization is a major trend and core content of the manufacturing industry in the future. It is a strategic choice for China to implement the innovation driven development strategy and seize the commanding height of a new round of industrial competition. "Intelligent manufacturing" is not a concept born out of nowhere. From the initial scale strategy and cost strategy to the later quality strategy and service strategy, and then to the current comprehensive development strategy, intelligent manufacturing is changing from time, quality, cost Services and environment have met the fundamental needs of the market and society in many aspects, creating huge economic and social benefits

the first speaker of the forum was Dr. Rong lotian from Foxconn industrial interconnection. He shared: Foxconn industrial interconnection: intelligent manufacturing and 5g wireless. First of all, Dr. Rong introduced that Foxconn has broken through the processing enterprises and has made innovative breakthroughs in many industries. Foxconn's layout in 5g industry: the construction of wireless intelligent plant for SMT production line. By connecting the equipment (such as SPI and machine), AGV, AR glasses and work of SMT production line through 4g/5g, Foxconn can achieve the interconnection of things and people and things to promote intelligent manufacturing

as an important force and fixture in China's electronic information industry, the electronic manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta has great prospects for 3C development. This time, Ms. Guo Wei of Shenzhen Shanlong Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. brought 3C Intelligent Assembly solution sharing. Ms. Guo made an in-depth analysis on the industry pain points of 3C assembly and put forward corresponding solutions. Shanlong intelligent visual screw machine features flexible assembly line, and this case has been successfully applied in TCL, Skyworth, Lenovo, Luchang technology and other enterprises

recently, it was swiped by the small video of human soft motion control + Foxconn IPC motion control. Mr. luowenhai, general manager of human smart, shared the human soft motion control without card. Mr. Luo shared in detail how to use software to realize the control function of hardware (motion control card, PCL) to quickly switch without changing the existing hardware configuration of the equipment, How to realize MES and cloud connection with one line

the last lecture in the morning came from Mr. wuchangning of Phoenix Contact (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. Mr. Wu shared Phoenix Contact Industry 4.0& intelligent manufacturing technology sharing, Phoenix Contact, as the core participant and promoter of industry 4.0, integrates three major“ ", the successful case of Phoenix Contact Haier mass customization application solution was shared at the forum. At the end of the conference, the audience was still full of ideas in the face of wonderful sharing.

after the noon break, the forum welcomed a wonderful afternoon. The first lecture was shared by Ms. yangmengpei, director of the Integration Research Office of industrialization and industrialization of the Institute of electronic technology standardization of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Yang Ms. Li introduced that information technology promotes the transformation of traditional industries. Maturity is a set of management methodology. A concise description of the development process of a thing is usually described as several limited maturity levels. Each level has a clear definition, corresponding standards and necessary conditions for implementation. From the lowest level to the highest level, there is a sequence between levels. Each level is the further improvement of the previous level, and it is also the basis for the evolution to the next level, reflecting the process of progressive and continuous development of things from one level to the next

next, zouzhenzhong of Panasonic electric machinery (China) Co., Ltd. shared the goal of realizing an intelligent chemical plant

power quality problems are reflected in all aspects of smart cities. The R5 regional technical manager of ABB (China) Co., Ltd. Product Business Division brought wonderful sharing of power quality solutions

zhanghongyu, executive vice general manager of Yangtian technology and member of intelligent manufacturing expert committee of China Industry Association, as a senior expert in the industry, this forum will share with you: work together to build a light collaborative robot industry ecology. (robot products and business of Yangtian Technology: light modular robot, hybrid parallel robot, AGV, special robot and other robot products; robot system integration mainly involves industries such as automobile, aerospace, building materials, electronics, logistics and so on. Strategic partners: Jinshajiang joint capital, Lenovo venture capital and ginkgo Valley capital)

provide intelligent service providers with wisdom and behavioral capabilities for industrial users. Mr. luyueping, product director of Chengdu apqi Technology Co., Ltd., shared the modular and minimalist design of industrial computers, In 2014, Apache put forward the "industrial computer module version 2.0". Based on the site, it can meet the market demand, realize the application and operation ability of hardware products in the heart of summer in the intelligent era, further help the future manufacturing, and accelerate the development of the manufacturing industry towards the future of intelligent, information-based and digital manufacturing.

as a typical case in the industry, Siemens (China) digital chemical plant was presented at the forum Mr. Yang Deqi of the Co., Ltd. shared that PROFINET helps enterprises realize digital manufacturing. Siemens proposed that digitalization can change everything: change the way of product design; Change the mode of product manufacturing; Change the way products evolve

the last speaker today is Mr. Gao riming from Hangzhou Haikang Robot Technology Co., Ltd. his sharing is the exploration of intelligent robot internal logistics under the wave of IOT

I believe that all the speeches today can provide shining ideas for the progress of the digital intelligent manufacturing industry, and promote the transformation, development and innovation of the manufacturing industry. So far, the 2018 "smart manufacturing leads" data "and enjoys the future - China Digital Industry Development Forum, jointly hosted by Reed Exhibitions group and Zhihui industry, has concluded its agenda today, and will continue to make wonderful speeches at the same time and place tomorrow! Thanks again to all the friends for their enthusiastic participation. Let's set sail together and create a new brilliance of digital intelligent manufacturing

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