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Intelligent equipment leads the coal machinery industry towards high-end

not long ago, China coal mining machinery intelligent equipment innovation high level forum was held in Changzhou. Industry experts and representatives of well-known enterprises gathered together to discuss how the coal machinery industry can cultivate its internal skills, innovate and upgrade to promote the intelligent development of the industry, achieve a breakthrough from quantity to quality, and promote the R & D and production of intelligent equipment in the industry

facing the current situation of coal machinery industry, Zhang Yong, chairman of China Coal Machinery Industry Association, believes that the market demand for coal machinery is closely related to the investment in coal fixed assets. Affected by the overall downturn of the coal market, that is, the coal machinery industry has been greatly impacted in the past two years after the modified soybean protein and 1 Quantitative plasticizer were mixed evenly. However, coal is the main energy in China, and mechanical mining is an important means to ensure the safe production and operation of coal mines. Enterprises should enhance confidence and make great efforts in brand strategy, innovation drive, product quality, etc

policy guided development

last year, the guiding opinions for the development of equipment manufacturing in the "13th five year plan" period of the coal solvent market, which will serve as a strong policy support for the development of intelligent high-end equipment in the coal machinery industry during the "13th five year plan" period, were officially issued. The opinions include 14 aspects, including coal equipment manufacturing, scientific and technological development, structural adjustment, capital construction, safe and efficient mine (open pit) construction, washing and processing and coal chemical industry development, energy conservation, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, deep integration of industrialization and informatization, market system construction, big data construction, cultural construction, national fitness activities, spiritual civilization construction and talent team construction

in the future, the coal machinery industry will adhere to the principles of innovation driven development strategy, the combination of overall optimization and key breakthroughs, and the combination of green manufacturing and green products. Put innovation at the core of the overall development of the manufacturing industry, strengthen independent development and re innovation, improve the ability of original innovation, integrated innovation and re innovation, and establish a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body and the combination of industry, University and research. Guided by market demand, we will take intelligence, digitalization and systematization as the direction of technological development, and accelerate the deep integration of informatization and industrialization. Focus on "three machines and one aircraft" as a breakthrough, strengthen the research on common technologies and key technologies, and improve the competitiveness in the international market. Take green, energy-saving, lightweight and clean production as the development direction of the enterprise, adjust the product structure, change the traditional extensive development mode of high input and high output, and adopt the intensive development mode characterized by the efficient utilization of resources and energy to achieve sustainable development

during the "13th five year plan" period, the coal machinery industry took the transformation from made in China to the most important thing is Chinese creation, from Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and from Chinese products to Chinese brands as its development goals to achieve "three fundamental changes", promote the industrial upgrading of coal machinery equipment manufacturing, eliminate backward production capacity, and improve advanced production capacity. Build 3 intelligent manufacturing plants and 5 intelligent production workshops. Strive to create a number of well-known and famous brands in China. Create 30 provincial famous trademarks and 15 Chinese well-known trademarks. The investment in science and technology throughout the industry continued to expand, accounting for an average of more than 2.5% of the enterprise's main business income, and the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress reached more than 50%. Develop a batch of intelligent and automatic equipment and equipment, and promote the innovative technology of six complete sets of equipment to reach the international leading level. Continue to develop intelligent and automated mining technologies. Research and develop complete sets of equipment for intelligent mining face, high-speed transportation equipment, intelligent technology and equipment for mine hoisting equipment, remote control intelligent drill truck for coal mine (all-round), intelligent emulsion pump station system, intelligent quick loading system, intelligent power supply and distribution and energy saving technology and equipment for coal mine, and promote the level and ability of 3D printing new technology and new process manufacturing. Develop large-depth and intelligent geological exploration technology and equipment, and aerial survey technology and equipment of UAV and helicopter

with the release of industrial transformation and upgrading needs, the rise of productivity costs and other issues, and the fact that the cost performance of industrial robots after scientific and technological progress is approaching the inflection point, the acceptance is increasing. Industrial robots have formed a trend to replace manual labor in many fields. In terms of safe and efficient production in coal mines, "mechanized personnel reduction and automatic replacement" is more urgent to develop intelligent equipment, which will certainly become the main trend and direction of the development of the coal industry. The level of intelligence plays a vital role in the safe and efficient development of China's coal mines

in the research and development of coal machinery, the first thing to bear the brunt is to develop practical, safe and efficient production equipment, develop a new generation of coal mine safety production monitoring system, and develop an Internet + based mining perception, control, equipment technical timing clearing technology and sales system. Develop technologies and equipment for efficient gas (coalbed methane) extraction and utilization, equipment for rapid determination of coalbed methane content, and technologies and equipment for comprehensive utilization and safety assurance of low and full concentration gas. Safe, efficient, environment-friendly and energy-saving auxiliary transportation equipment and equipment. The unmanned aerial vehicle for inspecting the key points of coal mine roadway is developed. The continuous detection equipment and individual monitor for respiratory dust concentration were developed. Research and develop key technologies and equipment for dust prevention and advanced detection in mining

the promotion of advanced technology is also an important link in the intellectualization of mines. During the "13th five year plan" period, intelligent fully mechanized mining technology and equipment for unmanned (or few) working faces and complete sets of automatic fully mechanized mining equipment for thin coal seams will be further promoted. Popularize fine detection technology and equipment for small geological structures in coal mines. High efficiency filling mining technology and equipment. High efficiency tunneling technology for large section roadways, rapid tunneling technology and equipment for coal and semi coal roadways, and integrated technology and equipment for excavation and anchoring. New coal mine safety monitoring and information management technology and equipment. Complete sets of equipment for mechanized transformation of small coal mines

actively accelerate talent training, provide intellectual resources for intelligent mines, promote the establishment and improvement of scientific and technological talent training, evaluation and incentive mechanisms, and improve the industry innovative talent training mode. In solving the problem of shortage of key talents, especially senior technicians, we should establish talent evaluation and incentive standards based on ability and contribution, create enterprise master studios, cultivate enterprise technology masters, and fully mobilize and stimulate the enthusiasm of employees for innovation

further promote enterprises to go global, actively establish international trade and technology information exchange platforms, and focus on establishing trade transaction mechanisms and contact mechanisms. Encourage and support enterprises to establish an international innovation network, and actively carry out international cooperation and exchange of advanced technology for coal machinery equipment manufacturing. We will strengthen the tracking, evaluation and transformation of international standards, promote mutual recognition of standards with major trading countries, and drive China's products, technologies, equipment and services to "go global" in combination with overseas project contracting, major equipment and equipment export and foreign construction assistance

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