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The intelligent era calls for low-carbon software and hardware

data centers to become major energy consumers

technology is always developing at a speed beyond people's imagination. The Internet revolution, which began in the 1990s, realized the idea of an information superhighway that seemed remote at that time in just a few years. By the end of 2011, the number of connected people in the world had reached 2.3 billion, accounting for 1/3 of the total global population

the society has not stopped here. The Internet is expanding to a more in-depth field. Data center, IOT, cloud computing and other communication and information fields have become a new development direction. However, the huge potential also means huge challenges. Massive data storage, high-speed computing and convenient network interconnection inevitably bring about the dual problems of high energy consumption and emissions

taking the data center as an example, high energy consumption and low energy efficiency are the biggest problems faced by the global data center, and promoting green energy conservation in the data center industry has become a top priority. According to the research data of Professor onesan g. kumuni of Stanford University, in 2010, the power consumption of global data centers reached a staggering 1988 billion kwh, accounting for about 1.1% to 1.5% of the global power generation, while in the United States, which has a large number of data centers, the proportion has reached 1.7% - 2.2%. The electricity expenditure has accounted for more than 50% of the operating cost of the data center, and some even as high as 70%. According to a survey by Gartner, an American consulting firm, carbon emissions from global data centers will soar from 80million tons equivalent to 340million tons equivalent in, catching up with steel, shipbuilding, aviation and other industries. The proportion of energy consumption in the IT budget has increased from 8% to 48% when the deceleration electromechanical drives the two lead screws to rotate synchronously through the sprocket and chain. The power and refrigeration problems have become the biggest problems faced by the data center, and the data center industry has entered the high energy consumption industry sequence

the industry predicts that the total amount of global digital information resources will reach 35.2zb in 2020. At that time, if China's total digital information resources account for 20% of the world, it will be 704zb, or 7billion TB (1zb=109 TB). According to the current international advanced level of digital storage technology (average 150tb/rack), the storage capacity of 7billion TB needs about 46million racks. According to the calculation that each rack accounts for 2.5 square meters of the computer room area, 115million square meters of the computer room area and 345million square meters of the data center building area are required; Based on the power consumption of 4kw per rack, the annual power consumption is 1.8 trillion kwh, which is close to the total power consumption of China in 2004 through special manufacturing processes

solve the problem of green data center

in view of the high energy consumption of the data center, this newspaper reported in the last issue that Iceland has used its unique green energy supply and natural cooling advantages to build the second green data center in the country and strive to build Iceland into a global data center. Iceland's practice of building a global data center in line with local conditions is certainly worthy of recognition, but considering that the data center, as a major component of the new generation of information industry, is developing into a strategic emerging industry, which is related to the national strategy and the unstoppable security of the development of national paper products, it is inevitable to establish and improve the local data center

in order to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction in the data center, are there other throttling software besides green and open source hardware? On February 21, the working group meeting of ieee1888 sub standard hosted by Beijing Jiaotong University sent hope, that is, ieee1888 standard (ubiquitous green control network protocol). It is reported that this standard is approved by ieee-sa and developed by Chinese enterprises. It is the first innovative technical standard that integrates information and communication technology with energy conservation and emission reduction with the purpose of green energy conservation. The standard has attracted the interest of all walks of life from industry, University and research institutes. More than 30 units, including Intel, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, NEC, Cisco, Siemens, University of Tokyo, Chinatelecom, have invested in the formulation of the standard and product research and development

Zhanghongke, chief scientist of the 973 Plan and professor of Beijing Jiaotong University, stressed that building a standardized comprehensive energy-saving network using advanced information and communication technology is of great significance to the green energy conservation of the network. According to jianglianshan, director of development of Tiandi interconnection business who participated in the formulation of ieee1888 standard, at present, a relatively complete green energy-saving solution has been formed around ieee1888 standard, including terminal equipment, multi protocol related equipment, database, intelligent energy-saving analysis and processing platform, visual interface and other links. In short, ieee1888 makes the intelligent control system an interconnected node and energy an interconnected flow. Jianglianshan thus described the positioning and vision of ieee1888

zhuangzixin, an information consultant of Beijing municipal government, believes that the application of ieee1888 standard can well solve the energy-saving problem in the industrial layout planning of Beijing data center. At present, the industry and layout of the Internet data center have risen to the national strategic level, which has attracted the high attention of governments at all levels. Ieee1888 is introduced into the construction of large-scale data centers, which can support cloud computing, accurately and flexibly formulate, deploy and implement energy-saving strategies in a standardized way, and solve the biggest problem of high energy consumption and low energy efficiency. Promoting the green development of the interconnected data center industry will not only help ensure the security of power supply, but also help protect Beijing's ecological environment. Zhuang Zixin said so

ieee1888 is not limited to data centers

in addition to interconnected data centers, energy consumption in industrial and construction fields is also a headache. The statistical yearbooks of China and the United States in showed that the main areas of energy consumption in China were concentrated in industry and construction, accounting for 69% and 24% respectively; In the United States, energy consumption is mainly concentrated in construction and industry, accounting for 40% and 33% respectively

it is reported that the application of ieee1888 standard has entered a wider range of practical application fields besides data centers, and demonstration projects such as intelligent buildings, intelligent oil fields and intelligent agriculture have been quietly launched. In Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park and Tsinghua University, the intelligent building demonstration project realizes the energy-saving application of remote intelligent buildings by using sensors, intelligent controllers, visual graphical interfaces, and applying IPv6 technology to building energy conservation to uniformly manage the energy consumption facilities in the building. Current data show that building energy consumption can save more than 20%

in addition, ieee1888 standard also has a broad application prospect in smart electricity. Caiguoxiong, deputy chief engineer of China Electric Power Research Institute of state power, said that ieee1888, as the key control platform of intelligent power, can turn power resources into manageable, controllable and schedulable interconnection flow, build an integrated system covering power equipment, distributed power plants, new energy, power information, etc., and play an important role in promoting the development of intelligent power applications. The new energy system composed of smart electricity and ieee1888 standard will open a new way for the development of green smart electricity in China. Caiguoxiong said

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