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Intelligent circuit breaker: intelligent power utilization, safety and energy saving, creating intelligent safety management system - Le Niao

intelligent safety economic inquiry and discussion all power monitoring system is not only an inevitable choice to comply with the social development trend, but also an inevitable trend of the development of fire IOT technology. The smart power plant jialeyiao technology points out that smart power needs to focus on two directions of development: on the one hand, efforts should be made to realize the intelligence and intelligence of hidden danger factors of film gas sounding safety, such as temperature, current and other information in monitoring, intelligent judgment of graphite resource advantages and industrial weaknesses, and intelligent early warning; On the other hand, smart electricity, as a sub business of smart fire protection, will play a decisive role in the construction of smart cities and smart fire protection in the future

circuit breakers are more automatic, information-based, interactive, and digital when applied. Therefore, circuit breaker manufacturers consider from many aspects and carry out R & D and production according to market demand. Today's intelligent circuit breakers are the products developed and produced by circuit breaker manufacturers and new fire-fighting enterprises. Intelligent circuit breakers have the functions of original circuit breakers, It also adds perception function, judgment function and execution function

leniao lnzk63a intelligent circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as intelligent circuit breaker) is an intelligent circuit breaker that can remotely control the opening and closing. With the development of national economy and the continuous horizontal push of technology, it is mainly popular in European countries. Both industrial production and daily life have put forward higher and higher requirements for the power supply quality of the power system: it can realize uninterrupted power supply, Even in case of power failure, the power failure time must be as short as possible and the power failure range must be as small as possible. This requires the power supply system to have a high degree of automation and intelligence. When some faults occur in the power system, the intelligent protection equipment in the system can identify the fault type in time, quickly cut off the fault part in the system, prevent the further expansion of the fault, and make the whole system operate normally. Why is it said that the intelligent circuit breaker is a "pioneer" in building an intelligent safety management system

I. intelligent circuit breaker function:

control: all lights, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other electrical appliances in the room can be remotely controlled on each switch

lighting: the lighting can be turned on and off regularly, and can also be controlled manually through remote control. It is not necessary to turn off or turn on the switch manually at a long distance

operation: you can define scenarios to complete the processing of remote control such as timing, delay and so on. The number of scenarios is unlimited and can be added manually

cluster control: all lights and various electrical appliances associated with the scene can be turned on at one time through scene settings

locking: the switch can be locked through remote setting to avoid misoperation or manual closing by non unit personnel to avoid unnecessary accidents

all off function: it can turn off all kinds of home appliances in the room with one key. Easy installation: the installation size and wiring method are the same as those of ordinary switches, without other additional operations

intelligent circuit breakers are often used in these places, such as the remote intelligent control of dormitories, enterprises, municipal engineering, street lamps, farms, rental houses, water pumps, floor heating, water heaters and other equipment belonging to the highest level of flame retardant materials for families and students

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