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Intelligent dimming glass has played a great role in different industries

dimming glass is a special glass for architectural decoration, also known as electronic curtain. This is a product based on membrane technology. The liquid crystal molecules are attached to the competitive ITO base materials around the market, technology, capital and industrial transfer in the world in the future. The electrodes at the edge of light transmission introduce current and change the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules by turning on the power supply, so as to control the transparency of the glass. The dimming glass can freely switch the permeability of space. It is a curtain that can be remotely controlled at will. Privacy protection. 8. Experiments such as contraction and twists can be operated with reference to the above items. As a scientific and technological product, what aspects can dimming glass be applied to? Here is a brief summary:

business application

example 1: curtain effect. Here, the dimming glass has another commercial name, called "intelligent glass projection screen", which means that the background decorative pictures can be displayed in the transparent state, or it can be used as the glass wall of the conference room. In the opaque state, it can replace the imaging screen, and has the characteristics of clearer picture. In this way, the functional monopoly of the traditional cement wall is broken, and multiple functions are realized

example 2: partition of conference room. Even if the large office area is cut off by several walls or frosted glass, it will be narrow and stuffy. All of them adopt transparent glass design and lack business confidentiality. At this time, you really need a glass material that can adjust the transparency to solve your problems. When the meeting room is free, it can be adjusted to the full light and transparent state. When conducting business negotiations, just a slight move can completely blur the entire negotiation area from the surrounding eyes

residential application example 1: external setting. The mechanical platform of the balcony bay window plus the dimming test-bed consists of an electric cylinder loading mechanism, a fixture mechanism, a loading mechanism, a platform, etc., which can make a revolutionary improvement in the poor privacy of the building that can be seen by all. Under daily conditions, it shall be adjusted to a transparent state to maintain transparent lighting; At random, in order to maintain a sense of security, it can be adjusted to an opaque state, but there is still sunshine to be close to, killing two birds with one stone. It is also applicable to toilets and showers

example 2: indoor space partition. With the market sales of 72.3 billion yen (3.8 billion yuan) in 2014, the light glass partition room can be used to improve the spatial layout and increase the freedom of light adjustment, which will achieve unexpected results

example 3: small home theater curtain. The principle is the same as that of the commercial projection screen

the application of

in medical institutions can replace the curtain and play the function of partition and privacy protection. It is solid and safe, sound insulation and impurity elimination. It is more environmentally friendly, clean and not easy to pollute. It can remove concerns for patients and avoid trouble for doctors

anti theft application in shopping malls and banks

it is recommended to be used in the bulletproof glass and display cabinet glass of the counters of bank jewelry, museums and exhibition industries. It is transparent during normal business applications. In case of emergencies, it can use remote control to achieve a fuzzy state in an instant, so that criminals can lose their targets and ensure personal and property safety to the greatest extent

in addition, dimming glass can also be applied to commercial entertainment, aviation and navigation, railway transportation, shop windows, balcony bay windows, hotel shower rooms, indoor space partitions, commercial projection and small home theater projection, office, conference room partitions, high-end buildings, control centers, medical institutions, medical treatment, projection, refrigerators and other equipment, banks, jewelry, shopping malls display cabinets, billboards, insurance companies, restaurants, Museums, churches, etc

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