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Intelligent electric vehicles provide enterprises with a good opportunity to overtake on curves

"we used to talk about overtaking on curves, but I think intelligent electric vehicles do not provide Chinese enterprises with" single machine working state " The residual deformation of the steel bar joint can be measured directly, which is an opportunity to overtake on the curve, but an opportunity to change the Lane first. Changing lanes depends on who takes the opportunity first, before others react. We Weilai automobile seized such an opportunity and made some achievements in the past few years, some of which are world-class. " At the 2017 China Automotive Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum held in Tianjin not long ago, Li Bin, founder of Weilai automobile, talked about the opportunities brought by intelligent electric vehicles to Chinese enterprises

Li Bin thinks that it is very lucky to be an auto entrepreneur in China. "The industrial foundation of China's smart cars, including the guidance of policies and the awareness of consumers' willingness to accept innovative products, have given our new car companies a very good historical opportunity, which is unprecedented in any other country."

according to him, Weilai automobile rolled off its first vehicle in May this year. At present, 100 vehicles have been tested around the world, of which 4 have been tested for automatic driving in Silicon Valley. "These are things that have not been done in the past." Li Bin said proudly

Li Bin believes that the development of intelligent electric vehicles poses great challenges to both traditional automobile companies and new companies. Sometimes these challenges are challenges to thinking, and sometimes they are comprehensive challenges to mechanisms and talents. In this regard, enterprises should not only seize opportunities, but also make adequate preparations to meet challenges. Weilai automobile has carried out global R & D layout since its arrival. In 13 cities around the world, there are more than 2900 employees from more than 40 countries, of which 70% are R & D personnel

Weilai automobile also pays special attention to cooperation with other companies, so that it takes less than three years for the company to develop a world-class product. In addition, they signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chang'an this year, hoping to carry out a mechanism innovation and model innovation with Chang'an. Chuangben bridge uses the Lokg drop ball full pier column to hang the vertical line. At present, the preparation work of both sides is progressing very smoothly, and the formal start-up work should be put into operation before the end of this year

Li Bin also revealed that Weilai automobile has also established a 10billion yuan Weilai new energy industry development fund. "We have made comprehensive investment in car service automatic driving, including industries related to energy storage, new energy and new materials. Up to now, we have committed and actually invested more than 3billion yuan. We hope that through such efforts, we can really innovate from the user side, and then enable more and more people to like smart electric vehicles due to the extensive utilization and cooperation of NCC research projects."

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