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Tightening the belt is not easy to make up for the down payment, but buyers will face the exploitation of decoration companies next. How dark the decoration process is may be beyond your imagination. Mr. Zhao, who lives in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, described his decoration experience step by step. The whole decoration process is full of traps. For 15000 yuan wardrobe, the decoration company will charge 2000 yuan rebate. The decoration project of the owner is often subcontracted by the decoration company layer by layer, and the owner has become Tangseng meat. However, the use of main materials was deliberately concealed in the decoration contract to attract the owners to sign the contract at a low price, and then the main materials were added layer by layer during the construction process. The project of 60000 yuan was finally completed, which would cost 90000 yuan, with an overrun of 50%. However, the high-end wardrobe board marked in the contract will eventually use ordinary board

according to the quotation of the project provided by Mr. Zhao, including demolition, muddy water, water and electricity, carpentry, paint, and main materials, the quotation for the decoration of a 75 square meter house is 60000 yuan. Mr. Zhao was secretly pleased. He visited four decoration companies successively. This decoration company was the cheapest, and the quotations of other companies were all at 70000 yuan

◆ want to be bullied first: raise the price after low price as bait

but there are more than 60 project quotations, which he can't understand at all. With the progress of decoration, Mr. Zhao has more and more troubles. His phone rings almost every two days. Every time, he says that some main materials are omitted from the contract and need to be supplemented, and this part of the material money is not included in the contract

the first increase is the wall area. In the original contract, the wall area to be painted with emulsion paint was 220 square meters. On the 8th day of construction, the project manager told him that the wall area was 300 square meters, 80 square meters more than the previous calculation. Mr. Zhao questioned the project manager. The manager told him that the designer who drew the drawings had not counted the wall area of the wallpaper before. Even if the wallpaper was pasted, the wall also needed to be dusted, polished and painted. What made Mr. Zhao more depressed was that he personally measured the area of the whole house with a tape measure. The area was only about 260 square meters, but the project manager told him that they had an internal algorithm in the industry, and the area actually measured by the owner did not count. As there is a clause in the decoration contract that the actual painting area is mainly based on the actual measurement, Mr. Zhao also signed on it, and finally he can only lose money. For the newly added 80 square meters of walls, the labor cost of painting emulsion paint is 40 yuan/square meter, and 4 barrels of emulsion paint need to be added. The budget of painting walls alone is more than 4000 yuan

this is just the beginning. Mr. Zhao was shocked by the continuous addition of items in the follow-up. Ceiling, the quotation said to hang two-story top, the project manager told him that hanging two-story top is out of date, hanging three-story top, need to add stacked ceiling and gypsum foot angle line, the cost is about 3000 yuan

the construction is not completed. A total of 14 new projects have been added to the decoration of Mr. Zhao's house, and the decoration price has increased from 60000 yuan to 90000 yuan. Some main materials were deliberately omitted from the decoration quotation. The owner was attracted by this seemingly cheap quotation to sign a contract, but in the next decoration process, the owner will continue to pay more for the malicious forgetting of the decoration company. An insider told reporters that it is a common trick for decoration companies to leak engineering projects in the contract. They often take advantage of the fact that customers don't understand decoration, so they deliberately omit items in the construction project list, and add items and increase the quotation during the construction period. Generally, the main materials that are easy to be omitted are the materials used for corners, such as background wall and ceiling, paint, potential, etc

◆ rebate black hole: Joint manufacturers earn owners' money

Mr. Zhao also found that the decoration company he entrusted collected rebates from building materials manufacturers behind his back. Mr. Zhao didn't know anything about wood, paint and other building materials, so he entrusted the project manager to buy the main materials. The project manager Gaoshan (a pseudonym) bought an ivory white paint baking board with a unit price of 100 yuan/square meter. He didn't like it, so he went to the board dealer according to the order address and asked for a change of color. The clerk who sold the board told him that the decoration company charged them a 2000 yuan rebate for the board of this cabinet. A total of 15000 yuan was spent on my cabinet, of which 2000 yuan was a rebate. When Mr. Zhao questioned the project manager about the rebate, the project manager said that the other party gave coupons




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