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1. The commodity positioning breaks the traditional form, not the promotion resolution, not the planning resolution, not the investment resolution, not the boss resolution, but the company's overall operation based on the needs of customers

the so-called customer demand is not a symbolic sample survey of hundreds of customers, not a so-called in-depth interview of more than a dozen customers in an afternoon, not a model and sample customer description, but the effective use of mobile Internet skills, full interaction with customers with themes and rhythms throughout the day and night, and the traditional promotion of customer accumulation has also been carried out in advance

the effect of communicating with customers should be timely, fully and effectively reflected in commodity positioning, planning and planning, policy cost, data selection, project implementation, property management, community culture, including the whole process contact point of pre-sale, in sale and after-sale

2. Promotion serves the operation and reacts on the operation

the operation of promotion serves the baton of operation. The intention of operation is to seek value maximization. Value maximization is not the highest quotation, nor the lowest cost and the shortest cycle, but to sort out the confusing threads and arrange the best way between the three cost and profit cycles

the law of impermanence of soldiers, and there is no normality in water. Even the best balance point should follow the market and adjust flexibly according to the changes of shopping malls. Front line promotion is exactly the most sensitive tentacle. When can we seek more profits, when does it need to ship as soon as possible, which projects have quotation ceilings, which commodity resources are scarce, and which have broad prospects? It is necessary to feed back to the operation in a timely manner. A game of chess is played in the whole project cycle, a game of chess is played in the national project, and the company's operational plans for all lines are planned as a whole

3. Convey new ideas

in the new situation, there is no traditional media, new media, mainstream media, small media, positive news, negative news, and news organizations are still themselves

therefore, even if you want to plan a hot spot, you may not be able to enlarge it; If it does not conform to the law, you may not be able to cover up something you want to cover up; If you don't respect the facts, no matter how many people you know, you can't relate to the world. No matter how hard you close the door, you still live in the air

the fundamental question is to be good at all, work sincerely, make good products, serve customers and be kind to partners

the trick is to be moderately open, exchange equally, provide dry goods, encourage originality, enlarge nodes, and close when you see good

4. Professionalization of channels

with the promotion of the new situation, channels have become a professional social division of labor instead of traditional advertising

the way bottom can be divided into two directions, one is the infinite customer landing possibility derived from the strong customer data way, and the other is the amazing vitality of the army to follow up according to the reliable customer map logic

5. Teamwork

to deal with the questions of the team, it is mainly to deal with several reasons, why we should do well, why we should do our best, why we must win the policy this month, and what value will be paid if we don't do well





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