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Children have always been the focus of the whole family. It is the responsibility of all parents to give their children a good living environment. The decoration of children's room naturally needs careful preparation. So, what should we do about the design and decoration of girls' houses? What color is suitable for girls' children's room? Next, Xiaobian will teach you where to start with the design and decoration of girls' houses

I. design and decoration of girls' children's room

1. Pink theme

if you want Xiaobian to choose only one color to decorate girls' children's room, Xiaobian will undoubtedly choose pink. In the pink department, the best should be light pink. Light pink gives people a delicate feeling, which is very suitable for the characteristics of little girls. It can make the little girl's character become cheerful and kind. In the overall collocation, white can be used to assist pink, and the combination of pink and white looks more fresh. Using the popular combination children's furniture saves a lot of space

2. Purple theme

violet's purple grace is also a very suitable room for little girls. But pure purple is a little irritating, and it is not recommended to brush the whole wall with purple. It's best to match it with other colors for better effect. Just like this set of children's room, you can decorate the wardrobe, curtains and bedding with purple, so that you can avoid the oppression brought by large areas of pure purple, and have a strong sense of space. The design of multi wall cabinet also allows this children's room to have sufficient storage

3. Blue theme

blue sky and azure sea are children's favorites, and applying blue to children's room is also a good choice. For the blue of children's room, it is recommended that you choose water blue, pink blue and light blue, which have a gentle feeling. Blue is very inclusive and can be spliced with other colors. And it doesn't look messy at all. Fresh colors can better cultivate children's character

4. Checkered theme

at first glance, this children's room is mainly pink, but many of its most prominent colors are a large number of checkered patterns. Don't underestimate these grid patterns, which make the color stitching more coherent and unobtrusive. Not only that, it is also a foil, which makes lace, bows and other decorative elements more outstanding. Your princess will love the princess style on the screen

5. Wood theme

some parents like the decoration of boards, and solid wood decoration has become the first choice of children's rooms. Solid wood material itself is environmentally friendly and healthy, formaldehyde free, and can be safely used. The texture of solid wood is natural and fresh, which can make children seem to live in nature. Solid wood flooring can also play a protective role for babies

article summary: the above is all about the design and decoration of girls' children's room and the color matching skills of children's room. When parents decorate their children's rooms, remember not to use adult thinking to design. We should start with children's thoughts and preferences, and protect their innocence





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