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Example of speed-up of rotary page dispenser

in the commercial form printing equipment used by our company, there is a second-hand C-type rotary page dispenser binding machine, which has a certain backlog of binding products due to its slow speed

the maximum operating speed of the equipment is 64 m/min. when flexible packaging is gradually becoming the main force of food packaging materials, the speed mode is frequency converter speed regulation, and the power consumption of the equipment is 1.5KW

we have conducted a field study on this page binding machine at the same time: This equipment uses fuji-fvr-g5 frequency converter to adjust the speed. It is found that when this equipment is binding 2-3 layers of products, the speed is still slow at the maximum. At this time, the equipment runs smoothly without abnormal noise, so it is necessary and possible to speed up

according to the use principle of the frequency converter, it is proposed to modify the use parameters of the frequency converter: the v/f curve before changing the data and the v/f curve after changing the data. The modification of this parameter should not exceed the technical specifications of fuji-fvr-g5 inverter

when the motor is running in the range of 0 ~ 60Hz, the running state of the machine is the same as that before parameter modification. The motor operates in constant torque mode

when the motor operates in the range of 60 ~ 100Hz, the motor operates in the constant power mode, and the speed is increased at the same time

necessary conditions for speed increase:

1 Understand the technical performance that fuji-fvr-g5 frequency converter can make the manipulator slide around the model

2. The equipment operates smoothly without abnormal noise

3. The motor has no abnormal temperature rise


1 Obtain the data of this frequency converter from the domestic frequency converter dealer

2. Get the information required for speed up from

in order to ensure the stability of equipment performance, the equipment speed should not be raised too high. We first increase the speed by 10%, and then increase the speed by 5% - 10% after a week of trial operation, observing the operation state of the equipment and the stability of the speed operation, and ensuring that the machine is normal. The accumulated speed of this equipment is increased by 15% - 20%, so that the speed is increased from the original 64 m/min to the current 77 M/min. Mechanical engineers always pay attention to the mechanical performance during the whole speed increase process to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and no abnormal temperature rise of the main motor of the equipment

after two weeks of observation and operation, the equipment works normally, relieving the backlog pressure of page binding products. Calculated by double-layer 11 inch products:

it used to take 4 minutes and 20 seconds to bind 1000 products, but now it takes 3 minutes and 45 seconds to bind 1000 products. 12 hours per shift is calculated by 8 hours of effective working time. Each shift can increase the output by 17.8 boxes, and improve the utilization rate of working hours and work efficiency. The acceleration achieved the expected goal, and the machine operators responded well

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