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Valin automobile engine was awarded the honorary title of new products in Anhui Province

Valin automobile engine was awarded the honorary title of new products in Anhui Province

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recently, it was learned from the Anhui Provincial Commission of economy and information technology that according to the Interim Measures for the recognition of new products in Anhui Province (wjmxh [2017] No. 880), according to the provincial conditions for the confirmation of new products, on the basis of the recommendations of the commissions of economy and information technology of cities and counties directly under the jurisdiction of the people's Republic of China, It is confirmed that the "Hanma cm6d18 national five diesel engine" and "Hanma cm6t28 national five natural gas engine" independently developed by Anhui Valin Automobile Co., Ltd. are new products of Anhui Province in 2017. In order to promote technological innovation and speed up the transformation of economic development mode, Anhui Valin Automobile Co., Ltd. has successfully independently researched and developed for more than five years, with unique core technology and high product added value

Valin automobile engine was awarded the honorary title of new products in Anhui Province

the recognition of new products in Anhui Province is in accordance with the requirements of "a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market orientation and the combination of industry, University and research", which aims to encourage enterprises to continuously develop new products through independent innovation, improve product technology level, improve enterprise market competitiveness, so as to promote the adjustment of industrial structure and promote the transformation of economic growth mode, Enhance the independent innovation ability of Anhui Province

under the situation of increasingly fierce market competition, the leading group of Valin Xingma, headed by director Liu Hanru, who is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 5billion yuan, does not engage in homogeneous competition, but insists on winning with innovation and is committed to product innovation. Chairman Liu attaches great importance to the construction of R & D institutions and R & D teams. On the one hand, we should strengthen the construction of enterprise technology center, train and send technicians to study outside by ourselves, and implement talent incentive measures. 3. Main features of automotive interior material testing machine. 1. Encourage talents to improve the technical level of engineering and technical personnel. On the other hand, we have actively carried out cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, and established post doctoral workstations and key laboratories, which provide important support for enterprise product development and technological innovation. In the past three years, we have developed a series of new products with international advanced technology, such as Hanma high-power engine, Hanma heavy commercial vehicle, Hanma heavy axle, and Hanma gearbox

new products are not only the most concentrated embodiment of technological innovation achievements of enterprises, but also a stronger driving force for economic development. The application safety has the functions of peak value maintenance, automatic shutdown of destruction, overcurrent and overload automatic protection. The identification of new products in Anhui Province is the basis for the application of various scientific and technological projects in the future, and can help enterprises apply for national high-tech enterprises, enterprise technology centers, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, etc; Products that have obtained the recognition of new products in Anhui Province and passed the monetization of production capacity can enjoy preferential policies according to relevant policies. Valin automobile develops many new products, which not only directly improves the economic benefits of the enterprise, but also adds momentum to the faster development of the company during the 13th five year plan

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