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Examples of difficult problems in vacuum aluminized paper printing

in view of the difficult problems in vacuum aluminized paper printing, some printing enterprises have offered suggestions. This newspaper summarizes the "unique skills" that major printing enterprises have responded to in recent years

Shanghai tobacco industry printing plant

cigarette machine commissioning experience

Shanghai tobacco industry printing plant (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai industry) has an early history of using vacuum aluminized materials. Both "golden Shanghai" and "green double happiness" cigarettes are using vacuum aluminized packaging. In the cooperation with cigarette factories, Shanghai industry has successfully solved the problems of easy scratches on both sides of cigarette packets when vacuum aluminized cigarette machine packaging and the drying and smoothness of conventional offset printing ink in the printing process

1. After replacing the vacuum aluminized material prints, the key to the adjustment of the cigarette label packaging machine is to make the cigarette label moderately elastic

2. the operation mode is to adjust the pressure of the corrugated roller to form appropriate elasticity of the aluminized material. Note that when the pressure is too high, the production capacity of some industries will be redundant, resulting in the scratch of aluminum spray paper cigarette labels (the aluminum layer of aluminum spray paper is soft and thin, which is prone to scratches); If the pressure is too small, the elasticity formed is not enough, and poor molding will occur

3. Different types of cigarette packaging machines have different requirements for aluminized materials. For example, the elasticity requirements of GD type packaging machine are not prominent, but the elasticity of fucke type packaging machine for cigarette labels. Therefore, it can be concluded that the failure may be due to the high requirements on the conversion solenoid valve

4. if the problem still exists through the adjustment of the corrugated roller, the aluminized paper base needs to be adjusted

in the past, in the cooperation with cigarette enterprises, there has been the phenomenon of poor surface gloss of the original silver composite aluminum foil material for cigarette labels. After the cigarette factory replaced the aluminized paper material, it not only increased the gloss of cigarette labels, but also reduced the production cost of each set of products. Through the improvement of appearance and the decline of cost, it also drives the increase of enterprise product sales. For a long time, Shangyan printing has accumulated rich experience in printing and manufacturing vacuum aluminized materials, and can provide cigarette packaging machine debugging services for cigarette factories, which relieves the worries of tobacco enterprises

Jiangyin Unicom Group

several problems needing attention in vacuum aluminized printing

since Jiangyin Unicom Group launched vacuum aluminized printing in 2000, the consumption of vacuum aluminized materials has increased year by year, and now it has launched "Redwood", "economy" and other brands of cigarette label aluminized printing

Jiangyin Unicom believes that the main reasons for the increase in sales of this material are: first, this material conforms to the national environmental protection policy; 2、 Using this material can reduce the packaging cost by about 10% (only for Unicom); 3、 Cigarette packaging is not easy to curl, which makes the packaging more convenient, and the packaging speed is comparable to that of white cardboard, which improves the work efficiency to a certain extent

in the process of using vacuum aluminized material, Jiangyin Unicom believes that the material has high finish and is suitable for offset printing, gravure printing, especially UV printing. But there are also several points to pay attention to in the printing process: first, vacuum aluminized paper is not resistant to friction, so it is necessary to reduce the number of overprint and the speed should not be too fast; 2、 The viscosity of the ink should be reduced to avoid affecting the composite effect of the product produced by mixing biodegradable masterbatch and plastic particle masterbatch; 3、 Vacuum aluminized materials should not be stored for a long time to prevent oxidation of the product surface

Shenzhen Weicheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

printing skills of aluminized prints

Shenzhen Weicheng Industrial Co., Ltd. has used vacuum aluminized materials to print cigarette packets since 2002. Now it has provided aluminized cigarette labels for Yunnan Qujing Cigarette Factory, Yunnan Kunming Cigarette Factory, Guizhou Bijie cigarette factory, Sichuan Mianyang cigarette factory, Hunan Lingling cigarette factory, Shaanxi Baoji cigarette factory, Jiangxi Guangfeng cigarette factory, Zhejiang Ningbo cigarette factory, etc. So far, the printing products of Shenzhen Weicheng aluminized materials have increased by 50% over the initial period. After long-term production practice, Shenzhen Weicheng has successfully solved the production and printing problems of aluminized paper. Such as poor adhesion of ink, color explosion of paper, bending and so on. In addition, Shenzhen Weicheng has also developed unique holographic printing technology, positioning printing technology and mirror oiling technology, giving vacuum aluminized material prints more expressive force

Shenzhen Weicheng believes that the printing skills of aluminized prints mainly include the following points:

1. Pay attention to the matching between printing ink and substrate materials. Pop type quick drying ink is suitable for ordinary printing

2. The surface coating of aluminized paper is suitable for water-based coating

3. The moisture content of aluminized paper should be controlled between 5% and 6%

aluminized materials not only have a shiny metallic feeling and decoration, but also have environmental protection, which is in line with the future development trend of packaging materials. At present, Shenzhen Weicheng mainly focuses on technology development, hoping to bring changes to the cigarette package printing industry with different forms of new technologies, and establish a new concept of environmentally friendly packaging printing, so as to attract more cooperation from cigarette factories

Wuhan Xinte decoration and Printing Co., Ltd.

give full play to people's subjective initiative

vacuum aluminized materials have a very broad application prospect in the cigarette label and color box industry because of their recyclability, reuse and other characteristics, and will become a substitute for composite aluminum foil materials and PET film covering materials

Wuhan Xinte has been good at special printing processes for a long time, and has experience in large-scale production of various complex processes such as wrinkling, ice flower, colorful, positioning ironing, etc. At the same time, it also has many hardware facilities, such as UV curing printing technology, scratch free printing equipment and constant temperature and humidity production environment. Based on the accumulation of rich production practice, during the proofing stage of vacuum aluminized materials, the company did not have the problems of slow production speed and cigarette machine re commissioning caused by other printing enterprises after changing materials. At that time, the main defects of printing products were deficiencies in high temperature resistance, folding resistance, wear resistance, high brightness and so on. In the process of organizing and tackling key problems, the company especially emphasizes that the fixture of the main experimental machine of the printing operators is an indispensable part of the initiative. Any slight difference in the printing operation environment may lead to problems in printing, which requires operators to have a high sense of work

for example, when printing is UV drying, if the UV lamp is just installed, the drying temperature will be very high. At this time, it is necessary to reduce the amount of printing dimmer and reduce the sensitivity of printing to light; On the contrary, with the increase of UV lamp use time, the drying temperature will gradually decrease, and then the dosage of dimmer will increase. For another example, when the toughness of aluminized materials is insufficient, it will lead to ink explosion of prints, which requires employees to continuously allocate the use proportion of photosensitive materials, resins and other variables in the process of material printing. This requires operators to give full play to their subjective initiative in their work and make continuous adjustments according to the changes in the surrounding production environment, so as to print vacuum aluminized materials with high quality

Jiangsu Dadong Group Xuzhou Huayi Color Printing Co., Ltd.

how to win printing orders of aluminized materials

in the past two years, Jiangsu Dadong Group Xuzhou Huayi Color Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dadong Huayi") environmental friendly vacuum aluminized material printing volume has been rising, and has successively displayed brilliant colors in the packaging of Xuzhou Jiapin "square tower", five-star "square tower", "Suyan", Xinchun "Redwood", purple "Redwood", Jiapin "thin West Lake", Yaguang small tribute "Redwood", Nanjing tobacco factory's Jiapin "dream capital" and other products. Along the way, it has won all orders for the replacement of aluminum plated materials for cigarette labels of Xuzhou cigarette factory's gold and silver cardboard (i.e. aluminum foil composite cardboard), and the factory's aluminum plated printing business has reached a higher level

when vacuum aluminizing material was just launched, many cigarette factories didn't know much about this new material. Although they saw its outstanding environmental protection characteristics, can the printed products of this material be comparable with raw materials and completely replace aluminum foil composites? Is it more expressive in printing? The cigarette factory still has doubts. After grasping this psychology, Dadong Huayi first introduced the material advantages of vacuum aluminized paper to the cigarette factory in detail, and emphasized to the cigarette factory through repeated proofing and comprehensive comparison: for cigarette label printing, aluminized material has both the metal brightness of composite aluminum foil cardboard and pet coated cardboard and the original plasticity of white cardboard. At the same time, it is also a kind of environmentally friendly paper, with relatively lower material consumption, and can be used for fine grain hot pressing. After the tobacco factory fully understood the advantages of this material, Dadong Huayi further studied and summarized a series of solutions for some deficiencies in the use of aluminized paper, so as to ensure the quality. For example, the cracking problem of vacuum aluminized paper usually occurs only a month or two after printing or even packaging. Because of its postpositivity, it often causes irreparable losses to cigarette factories. In order to avoid this situation, every time Dadong Huayi uses a new aluminized product, it needs to do a printing test, put it for a period of time to test the stability of its material, and then mass produce it after the material is qualified. Another example is the poor wear resistance of vacuum aluminized materials. On the one hand, Dadong Huayi dispatched technicians to help the cigarette factory adjust cigarette packaging machines. On the other hand, this information will be conveyed to the manufacturers of aluminized materials, according to the use of cigarette factory tools

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