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Valin: break through the "declining market" of heavy trucks against the current

Guide: visit liuhanru, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China lingxingma automobile group. In 2010, the heavy truck market exploded unprecedentedly, making the production and sales of more than one million units that year, which has become one of the topics that industry people are fond of talking about. However, since 2011, the heavy truck market has suddenly lost its luster

-- Interview with liuhanru, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China lingxingma automobile group

in 2010, the unprecedented "Big Bang" in the heavy truck market made the production and sales of more than one million units that year, which became one of the topics that industry insiders liked to talk about. However, since 2011, the heavy truck market has suddenly "lost its luster", and it seems that it has suddenly fallen into a trough and cannot extricate itself

in the past month, the depression of the heavy truck market has attracted the attention of the China Association of automobile manufacturers and other institutions. Major production enterprises are also thinking about how to reverse the current in the downturn and achieve market breakthrough. At the just concluded 12th Beijing International Auto Show, liuhanru, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Valin Xingma automobile group, in an interview, "decrypted" the survival and development of Valin automobile in response to the dilemma

When it comes to the heavy truck market in 2011, many enterprise bosses lament that they are not as sharp as Liu Hanru's vision. At the end of 2010, the market situation was very good, and many experts were predicting that 2011 would be "infinitely better". At that time, only Liu Hanru made a "disharmonious" sound - the first "bad mouthing" of the market. Although his remarks did not resonate with many insiders at that time, the subsequent facts clearly tell people that the truth is often in the hands of a few people

because of Liu Hanru's prediction in advance, he successfully gained insight into the market opportunity. In 2011, when many heavy truck manufacturers were "not comfortable", Valin successfully "broke through the increasing use of natural fibers in interior decoration" - with its heavy truck and special vehicle business, it achieved an annual profit of up to 500 million. In that year, the profit of China heavy truck was only 360million, and Foton, the "big man" of China's commercial vehicles, only made 700 million

in this regard, Liu Hanru concluded: affected by the recession of the whole industry, the decline in the production and sales of heavy trucks in 2011 is indeed inevitable. However, when the market was weak, Valin was not in a dilemma. We insist that we must not "sacrifice" dealers and must not "kill" cash flow. And this finally achieved the good performance of Valin

of course, the excellent performance in 2011 does not mean that Valin has been perfect. In 2011, the production and sales volume of Valin declined compared with that of 2010. Not to mention, the profit growth rate was actually lower than that of 2010. However, at a time when the market is decadent, Valin's achievements still make it gain a lot of confidence: at present, Valin's products have high technology content, good quality and higher price, which have been widely recognized by users. At present, it has occupied a leading position in the market. However, in the future, it is bound to continue to adhere to the route of "good quality and high efficiency"

in response to the crisis, the "tiger"

in this month, the overall performance of major domestic commercial vehicle enterprises was almost unsatisfactory. Among them, the prospect of heavy truck manufacturing enterprises is the most worrying. In this regard, Liu Hanru bluntly said that compared with the global financial crisis in 2008, this time, "chill" seems to be more "bone penetrating". In the face of such market obstacles, it seems that only by understanding the "tiger" and analyzing the reasons for the decline of the car market in detail, can we hope to survive and rise against the trend

first of all, Liu Hanru believes that the decline in investment has the greatest impact on the heavy truck market. For example, the real estate industry has suffered serious "pressure"; The "four trillion effect" of the railway is no longer obvious, and the continuous suspension of high-speed rail projects "makes it worse"; Due to excessive debt, some local governments' earlier "large-scale construction", including the reconstruction of roads and water conservancy facilities, the reconstruction of old cities, the construction of new areas and other projects, have been shrinking, which has restricted the consumption of heavy truck products

secondly, the four-year multi axial pouring material (Maxim) project abroad, supported by the British Institute of Aerospace Technology (ATI), is not optimistic. At present, the world economy is still at a low level, the impact of the European debt crisis is increasingly amplified, and factors such as political instability in the Middle East and Africa are forcing the logistics and transportation demand of some countries and regions to plummet, resulting in China's heavy truck exports becoming "poor"

thirdly, the slowdown of domestic economic growth and the sharp decline of value-added tax also prove that the difficulties encountered by the real economy are indeed not small. All this involves heavy truck consumption, which is not good news for the latter. In addition, compared with the frequent auto market rescue policies in 2008, the probability of introducing similar measures this year is relatively small. Enterprises can only "make their own way", and the market prospect is not optimistic

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