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Vale will invest 20billion US dollars to develop new iron ore

vale will invest 20billion US dollars to develop new iron ore

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Guide: vale President muliloferreira revealed at a video conference held in Rio de Janeiro today, Vale will invest 40billion reais (about 20billion US dollars) in the carlayas region in northern Brazil to develop a new iron mine. The construction project of this new iron mine will be Tanshui River Valley calendar

at a video conference held in Rio de Janeiro, where Li Xinhai was familiar with the production principle, utilization and future product technology development trend of other new energy material products, Vale President Mulilo Ferreira revealed that Vale would invest R $400 million (about US $20billion) to develop a new iron ore in the carlayas region in northern Brazil. This new iron ore construction project "will be the largest investment plan in Vale's history"

vale is the largest mining enterprise in Brazil and the largest iron ore mining enterprise in the world. Mulillo, President of the company, said at the video conference that the Brazilian Environmental Protection Agency issued the environmental license for the new iron ore project yesterday, "this is a day of special historical significance". The new iron ore is called "Serra Azul", and the proven iron ore reserves are 10 billion tons. The total investment of the new iron ore construction project will reach 40 billion reais, of which 23.5 billion reais will be invested in the construction of railway transportation lines and port facilities from the mining area to the port, and the other 16.5 billion reais will be used in the construction of the mining area

in 2011, Vale's annual iron ore output in karayas region was 109 million tons. The iron ore production capacity of Lanshan iron mine will reach 90million tons after it is put into operation. In addition, Vale will also invest in the transformation of the existing iron ore, adding 40million new iron ore production capacity. Therefore, by 2017, the iron ore production in karayas region will reach 230 million tons

President mulillo said that he had reported the situation of the blue mountain iron ore project to Brazilian president Rousseff. President Rousseff gave positive encouragement and believed that vale was able to do a good job in this iron ore construction project

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