Signing of PTA expansion project of Yangzi Petroch

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Signing of PTA expansion project of Yangzi Petrochemical Company recently, the signing ceremony of business and technology transfer contract for the expansion of 450000 ton/year PTA production line project of Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. Cao Xianghong, senior vice president of Sinopec, attended the signing ceremony

the 450000 ton/year PTA production line expansion project of Sinopec in Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. fully relies on the existing production facilities, with a total investment of 1.78 billion yuan. The patented technology is provided by American NVIDIA company, and the engineering company affiliated to Sinopec Group undertakes the device design, which is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2006. By then, the PTA production capacity of Yangzi Petrochemical will reach 1.05 million tons, becoming a new economic growth point of Sinopec, which will have important strategic significance for promoting the healthy development of China's polyester industry and consolidating Sinopec's market leading position in PTA

PTA (purified terephthalic acid) is the main raw material for the production of polyester chips and polyester fibers. As a leading product for the development of the light textile industry, the use of polyester has been continuously extended in recent years, and has developed into a wide range of fields, such as bottle blowing, wrapping steel plate, ribbed steel, garden steel, just welded parts and other metal materials for zigzag experimental equipment, which is favored by the international and domestic markets. It is understood that the original design capacity of Yangzi Petrochemical PTA plant is 450000 tons/year. After independent innovation, the plant has been transformed from 450000 tons/year to 600000 tons/year. After technical transformation, the production capacity of the plant has reached 700000 tons/year. To sum up, this is the relevant introduction of the utilization scope and functional characteristics of the metal stretching experimental machine. The PTA transformation of Yangzi Petrochemical has taken a road of tapping potential, increasing efficiency and connotative development, forming its own intellectual property rights, in which a number of equipment manufacturing technologies have filled the domestic gap, and won the first prize of Sinopec scientific and technological progress

in recent years, the domestic polyester industry has shown a rapid development momentum. The huge potential market has attracted foreign investors and some powerful people. Our team and I are constantly learning from the attention of multinational petrochemical enterprises. While increasing the export volume of PTA to China, they build factories in China in the form of joint ventures and sole proprietorship. Some domestic private enterprises engaged in polyester production are also competing to invest in the construction of large PTA plants. In order to meet the challenge, Sinopec has arranged the PTA expansion and transformation of Yangzi Petrochemical, introduced international advanced PTA production technology, built a 450000 ton/year PTA production plant, further integrated and improved the technical level of the old plant, and complemented the old with the new, which will be conducive to further reducing costs, increasing benefits and improving competitiveness

as the main processing machine, the renewable plastic granulator of the national development and Reform Commission will have a large customer group, relevant leaders of the Ministry of Commerce, heads of relevant departments of Sinopec and senior executives of INVISTA Corporation in the United States to attend the signing ceremony

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