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On July 30, the signing ceremony of "Qushui '100MW solar photovoltaic base' application project" was held in Lhasa. Qi Zala, Secretary of Lhasa municipal Party committee, sunbaoxiang, head of Qushui County, Hong Shuguang, senior vice president of Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd., and leaders of relevant departments, relevant experts and technicians attended the signing ceremony

the cooperation project of 100MW photovoltaic and power generation industrial base is a large-scale photovoltaic power station project that Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. decided to invest in Qushui County after field investigation. The project is located in semei village, chabala Township, Qushui County, and the project is planned to invest 10billion yuan. The project will make full use of the abundant solar energy resources in Lhasa to generate electricity and speed up the development of power in Tibet

Hong Shuguang said: Suntech has built a 10 MW photovoltaic power station in SANGRI County, Shannan Prefecture, Tibet and has successfully generated electricity; The 2012 golden sun project of the government of the autonomous region is being implemented in 15 power free agricultural and pastoral areas in Shigatse and Qamdo regions. By the end of the year, 26946 sets of solar photovoltaic household systems will be installed and adjusted, and the technical priority formula can be added by itself to improve the compatibility of test data and training tasks; The first phase of the 30 MW photovoltaic power station project in Tibet, which was launched on March 18, has also been intensively carried out in the early stage of the "Qushui 20 MW photovoltaic power station project" to see whether there are equipment projects with relatively large amplitude around. At present, in addition to the preliminary review of land and power access, other work has been completed, and power generation is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Suntech hopes to contribute to solving the problem of no electricity for the Tibetan people, and also hopes to contribute to creating such a new energy pattern in Tibet. Zhonghua glass () Department

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