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The significance of transforming the electronic scale of garbage dumper

the electronic scale of garbage dumper is mainly designed for the measurement of urban garbage, and the seals form a new type of electronic scale from different angles. The electronic scale adopts high-precision AD acquisition integrated circuit and high-speed microprocessor, and uses dynamic sampling technology and fuzzy algorithm to realize dynamic calibration and dynamic weighing. Compared with the traditional garbage measurement device, It saves time for users and improves efficiency. And the scale has high accuracy, accurate measurement, and ultra-high stability, which can be used as a measuring instrument. The measurement accuracy reaches the three-level scale standard, which controls the loading weight from the source and reduces the cumbersome work of weighing again after loading

1. Western economic recovery model due to political tensions, central bank interest rate hikes and disunity 1: xjs-1209

2, specification: 10t

3, accuracy level: 1%, in line with class III scale standard

4 Many particles will always jump out of the analog part, causing a lot of dust yesterday

input signal range: 0---24mv

conversion speed: 4000 times/s

conversion resolution code: 1million

calibration: all use the keyboard to complete

bridge power supply: 12V, 500mA

sensor connection mode: 4-wire

5. Display: ① 8-digit high brightness fluorescent screen displays cumulative weight

display range: (regardless of decimal point)

②, 6-digit high brightness fluorescent screen displays weight per bucket

display range: (regardless of decimal point)

6, keyboard (a total of 12 keys)

number keys: 0--9

function keys: 12 (0 of which is used in combination with number keys)

key material: light touch membrane switch

7, clock can display year, month, day, hour Minutes, seconds, automatic leap years, leap months are not interrupted

8, print Chinese weighing list (car number, cumulative times, total weight, date, time)

9, data storage can store calibration data and cumulative weight and times, and data protection is about 10 years in case of power failure

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