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The significance of the application of configuration software technology in PLC Teaching

the purpose of higher vocational colleges should be to strengthen the ability training of students' on-site practical technology and vocational skills when paying attention to theoretical teaching links. The cultivation of ability includes many aspects. For automation majors, the application, practical and practical ability of configuration software technology and the ability to analyze and solve problems on site are indeed necessary. The Ministry of education has repeatedly stressed the need to pay attention to the cultivation and improvement of students' ability and quality. Combined with the actual teaching situation of our automation major, this paper discusses the application of configuration software in PLC Course

first, adjust the teaching content and improve the class hour allocation

1, adjust the teaching content

the original teaching plan generally favors the theoretical teaching hours, which simply cannot guarantee the requirements of professional teaching hours and practical teaching, the improvement of students' practical ability, and many contents such as internship and practical training cannot be implemented. Based on the above factors, we have made great progress in the arrangement of the content of the syllabus of electromechanical control technology. Please keep the current interface and contact our after-sales service department for improvement: on the basis of ensuring the needs of subsequent professional courses, appropriately reduce the teaching hours of basic theoretical courses, increase the teaching hours of practical teaching links, and pay special attention to the practical teaching links: the practice of professional courses and the design of practical training courses, Actual on-site teaching practice of major courses, etc. Let students learn useful and cutting-edge professional technologies and skills, improve students' comprehensive professional quality and social employability, and learn and be useful. Through the verification of several semesters, the reform and improvement of the teaching plan content have achieved quite ideal teaching results. Students' interest in learning has increased, their learning momentum has increased, and there are more opportunities for employment, "China attaches great importance to the development of the new material industry, and students and parents are also satisfied with the ideal teaching effect.

2. Improvement of teaching hours:

the proportion of theoretical teaching hours and practical teaching hours reaches 1:1, which greatly strengthens the cultivation of students' practical ability. The specific implementation is in the following aspects:

1) strengthen the class hours, effect and quality of laboratory experiments, and require responsible professional teachers and practice The experimenter must do it himself, really teach by doing, seriously coach students to do experiments, so that students can not only deepen their grasp of theoretical knowledge, but also improve their practical ability

2) pay attention to the arrangement of students' practical training content and the adaptability exercise of students' actual working environment. In the process of training, we should implement the training content effectively. Under the guidance of the instructor, students can complete the training content independently as required, and solve the problems themselves in case of faults and problems. During the debugging process, they can analyze and solve the problems in time. Now, Chinese enterprises often introduce foreign technology to realize the renewal of generation 1 products

3) the arrangement of off campus practice and on campus practice is compact, difficult and easy to combine with professional skill training. During the internship, students should not only understand, master and deepen their professional knowledge, but also be more exposed to the cutting-edge knowledge and technology of the application of professional knowledge, so as to cultivate students' strong interest and desire for professional knowledge on the spot, and use practical applications to prove and explain the practical value of professional knowledge

II. Improvement in education and teaching methods

teachers of professional courses strive to have classes in the training room, laboratory and actual work site, and strive to achieve: the on-site teaching of combining theory with practice; The intuitiveness and vividness of teaching methods; Students' subjective initiative in practice

1. Theory teaching and practical ability training are organically combined. Teaching contents are organized and implemented in laboratories, training rooms, and actual work sites (to thermal power plants and other related enterprises, for the practical application of this course). Teaching materials are not limited. Combined with professional knowledge and skills, students are guided to learn and master some practical, on-site professional technologies and skills, Only by making students familiar with the practical application of professional knowledge and skills, can they have a strong thirst for knowledge of professional knowledge and skills, and then through the teaching means and methods of integrating theory with practice, the theory of one class hour is closely followed by the cultivation of practical ability of one class hour, and teachers "teach by doing"; Students "learn by doing". This teaching method is adopted in the course of electrical control technology. The electrical control technology of mechanical equipment is used to teach around the mechanical equipment on the production site, and it is explained while operating, which greatly improves the exercise of students' practical ability by using the existing platform and catalogue. The learning of practical skills can cultivate employment students with certain theoretical foundation and strong practical ability, The employment of automation majors is in short supply

2. Adopt the animation courseware that simulates the scene: for example, the courseware made by using the software kinviwer (see Figure 1-6): the electroplating process flow, first the motor M1 pulls the conveyor belt 1 to start, transports the plated parts, at the same time, starts the traction motor m2, drives the lifting mechanism to move to the left, reaches the upper part of the plated part position, and the lifting mechanism motor m3 pulls the gripper to move down. When reaching the plated part position, grasp the plated part to move up a certain distance, and then move to the right a certain distance, When it reaches the upper part of the plating bath, lower the plated part into the plating solution. After staying for a certain time, the claw grabs the plated part and moves it to the right for a certain distance to the upper part of conveyor belt 2, and then lower the plated part. At the same time, start the motor M4 of traction conveyor belt 2 to send the plated workpiece away. This technological process, if only classroom teaching and learning sequence instructions, is difficult for students to understand, let alone smoothly writing programs, debugging, monitoring, downloading, wiring and other skills training. Using this kind of animation courseware to simulate the scene to organize and implement the learning of programmable controller sequence instructions, it is very intuitive, easy for students to understand, and achieved good teaching results. It not only learned theoretical knowledge, but also combined with the actual process on-site teaching, In order to ensure zero distance contact between vocational education and practical application site. Another example is the on-site process flow of the simulated automatic loading and unloading system of the animation courseware made of fIash software (see Figure 7-11), which adopts vivid teaching methods to let students experience the on-site process requirements and production process of control, so that students can understand and master professional skills and practical programming, and truly achieve the ideal teaching method of integrating theory with practice

3. Combine the interest of teaching aids. In the process of teaching, we should completely change the teaching mode of previous classroom teaching, combine the theoretical knowledge of classroom teaching with the content of actual teaching links, and complete it in the laboratory and training room at the same time. Through ideal and practical teaching aids: PLC controlled three-dimensional garage model, automatic sorting assembly line model, elevator process model, through on-site demonstration, explanation, and specific instructions

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