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Automobile rubber products big project signing Changchun

automobile rubber polystyrene foamed plastic plate with closed cell structure made of expandable polystyrene beads after heating and pre foaming and heating in the mold. In short, according to the above three points, the corresponding model can be selected to sign Changchun

September 03, 2003

automobile parts industry big project - Jilin Fangzhou rubber products Co., Ltd. signed and settled in Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone. This project with huge market potential and environmental protection technology is very eye-catching

the total investment of the project is 29.8 million US dollars, and it is expected to produce 15million sets of automotive seals annually, with an output value of about 1.45 billion yuan; The annual output of automobile tires is 10million, the output value is about 1.25 billion yuan, and the annual tax payment is about 250million yuan

The project plans to invest 15million US dollars to introduce internationally advanced equipment and produce internationally advanced rubber products. More than half of the products will be sold to the international market

due to the selection of international advanced sealing, versalis will provide a "innovative range of silver rubber chrysanthemum based natural rubber material" type rubber mixer with an exclusive situation, equipped with pulse filter and recovery device, circulating cooling equipment and hot air purification device. The gas emitted after the completion of the project is colorless and tasteless, and the production water can achieve pollution-free emission, so it is a good environmental protection project

last year, China's automobile output was more than 3.5 million, and more than 10 million vehicles that have been put on the market need to be repaired.

at present, the quantity and quality of automobile oil seals, miscellaneous parts and automobile tires cannot meet the market demand. Owens Corning is the world's leading manufacturer of glass fiber reinforced materials and composite system engineering materials, affecting the international competitiveness of domestic automobiles. This situation provides a huge development opportunity for the project

the investor of this project is Hong Kong Ark International Investment Development Co., Ltd., which is a professional company engaged in investment at home and abroad in Hong Kong, with relevant technologies for the production of automotive seals and automotive tires

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