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The significance of regular maintenance

machine tools and equipment must have many moving parts, and if your equipment is not running, it means that you cannot manufacture products, that is, you are not making money. Every time you start the car, you may look at the fuel gauge to confirm whether the car has enough fuel. But before you turn the key, do you look at the voltmeter? Have you ever thought that the battery will have enough power to ignite the car? You may not think about this sometimes. Because your battery may never have a problem. But when you drive past a car parked on the side of the road, the bonnet is opened. Have you ever thought about what happened to it? I think they must have thought the car could work normally yesterday. Just like your car, the machine tool also needs basic maintenance to avoid failure and "stop on the roadside". The moving parts need to be lubricated, the engine oil needs to be refilled, and the filter also needs to be checked. In order to keep the equipment running normally as new, routine maintenance is necessary. The engineers of Haas company have done their best to make the equipment maintenance as simple as possible. Simple items such as coolant level can be directly measured by the sensor and displayed on the screen. These are to make debugging and maintenance time less. Haas engineers listed the items that usually need to be checked, such as the separation of air supply and water supply of machine tools. Haas's machine tool has not only obvious air filtration devices and regulators, but also a less obvious discharge valve to collect any water that may remain in the air supply system, and then remove them every time the air nozzle is used. In this way, two things are accomplished: 1. The water in the line is removed; 2. The water discharged through the air nozzle warns the user of possible problems in the air supply system. Other aspects of maintenance the following are some key points that need attention: safety first, before maintenance, you should turn off the power supply and disconnect the air switch in the electrical cabinet (refer to the normal steps of shutdown). But you should remember that you can't get an electric shock, especially the 480 volt high voltage. Daily clean and wipe the surface of the machine tool, including the top; You may not expect that so much dust, dirt and debris are deposited on the surface of the machine tool. If not cleaned, these dirt will enter the interior of the machine tool and pollute the cutting fluid. Even enter the distribution box, and there must be no metal debris in that place (which may cause leakage, sparks, short circuits, etc.). If possible, try to clean the inside of the machine tool. If the machine tool is equipped with a flushing hose, use it to wash away the dirt and debris produced in the processing process. Never use compressed air to clean the inside of the machine tool, because the blown debris may hurt you, and the debris may wedge into the protective cover and spindle of the machine tool, causing all kinds of trouble. The glass of the door and window of the safety door machine tool has a special protective effect. Because it is often corroded by cutting fluid and chemicals. Its strength will gradually weaken. The most harmful cutting fluid is mineral oil. The coolant supplier will provide you with relevant information about their cutting fluids with different compositions. When using cutting fluid with too strong chemical composition, you should pay attention to that the strength of protective glass will lose 10% every year. Therefore, you must be prepared to replace them regularly. We recommend that you replace it every two years. If your protection has obvious damage or serious scratches, they should be replaced. If there are cracks, they must be replaced. Lubricating oil all Haas machine tools (except toolroom and GR series machine tools) have automatic lubrication systems for linear guides, ball screws and spindles, and each requires a specific amount of lubricating oil. Haas engineers have simplified this process as follows: as long as there is enough oil in the oil tank, the machine tool will automatically fill with an appropriate amount of lubricating oil. The whole system will automatically lubricate all lubrication points through the flow control valve to ensure that each component gets an appropriate amount of lubricating oil. The CNC system will control this process at certain intervals. The automatic lubrication system includes a pump, an oil tank and an embedded filter, which are installed on the air/lubricating oil control panel at the rear of the machine tool. Check the oil reservoir every day and fill it according to the oil specified in the operation manual. The capacity of the oil reservoir is about 2.5 quarts. In order to control the development direction of the global green economy and lightweight strategy, we often keep enough oil. The built-in filter is installed inside the oil reservoir and needs to be replaced once a year, or after the machine tool works for 2000 hours. Although it takes extra time to replace the filter, keeping it clean can save you equipment maintenance costs and downtime. The coolant and cooling tank should be checked every time they work and shift. As mentioned above, the coolant level sensor will display the stock in the cooling tank on the screen. This function is standard on all Haas grinders and lathes with split coolant tanks (except toolroom machine tools and micro grinders). The coolant index is displayed on the current command page (the current command page displays all currently running programs). If the coolant drops to a certain level, the warning light will flash. At this time, coolant must be added to avoid pump cavitation and coolant cutoff. The ebb and flowing Haas coolant tanks of the coolant tank have a built-in filter in front of the pump, which needs to be cleaned once a week. The coolant tank itself also needs to be cleaned once a week. When cleaning, open the tank cover and remove all deposits. When the coolant returns to the pump, the structure of the tank is designed to force the coolant through a series of baffles. These baffles allow sediment and small debris to float in the coolant. Pay attention to cleaning all places in the tank. Coolant filter a filter is installed in the standard coolant system of Haas machine tool, and an additional filter can also be added to the spindle internal cooling system and lathe high-pressure cooling system selected for the milling machine. The filter box is installed next to the cooling pump/tank of the machine tool. The filter needs to be checked every day, and it should be cleaned when the indicator shows that the flow is limited. On grinders with TSC and lathes with HPC, you must refill after changing or cleaning the filter. During perfusion, the system must be operated for at least 1 minute before filtering to ensure that the normal body of the experiment is filled and the air is discharged from the system. Note: when filling the system on the milling machine, the spindle is not rdquo; Huang 1 said that he could have knives. Replace the coolant. The coolant should be replaced every 6 months. The discharged coolant should be handled properly and local laws and regulations should be observed, because most types of coolant are considered hazardous waste. When the coolant is discharged, it is best to open the cover and thoroughly clean the inside of the tank, filter and pump body. Also check the Coolant hoses for leaks or cracks, and replace them if necessary. The service department of the local HFO can provide you with these new URLs and put them into mobilization s; Assuming that there is no replacement parts on the page corresponding to a URL in s, it is generally not necessary to order parts from the factory. The service goal of Haas automatic machinery is that 99% of the spare parts can be delivered on the same day, so as to ensure that customers can replace the spare parts in time. The equipment of coolant type Haas uses water-soluble synthetic coolant. Using mineral cutting oil will damage the rubber parts of the equipment. Using pure water as coolant will cause corrosion (rust) of internal components of the equipment. Never use flammable liquid as coolant, otherwise disastrous consequences may occur. The transmission system of machine tool with gearbox also needs to be cautious. In order to keep the gearbox low noise and normal operation, the transmission lubricating oil needs to be replaced once a year. Just like the transmission lubricant used in your car, there is usually a drain plug at the bottom. Remove the oil drain plug and drain the used oil. Pay attention to properly dispose of the waste oil. Replace the oil drain plug (this is a very important component), and then refill with the correct type and amount of transmission lubricant. The applicable type of transmission lubricant will be described in your operation manual. Spindle pressure of milling machine the rotating shaft of Haas grinder is pressurized in order to promote the flow of lubricating oil to the support point. This positive pressure also helps prevent debris and coolant from entering the inner spindle taper. The air pressure should be checked every week, and the regulating valve should be installed on the air/lubricating oil control panel at the rear of the machine tool. You can find the correct pressure setting method in the operation manual. It should be noted that the optional shaft sometimes has different pressure settings for the standard shaft, please refer to the operation manual. Tool machines some simple machine tools do not have the complex shell or automatic lubrication system as other Haas machine tools, but they still need good maintenance. The linear guide rail needs to be lubricated manually with an oil gun. In order to simplify this work, the lubricating nipple is installed in an accessible position without removing the control panel. Although these machines are simple to operate, there is still no reason to ignore their key moving parts. Of course, do not overfill, which will damage the seal. It is enough to point twice with an oil gun. Tool changer tool changer on Haas grinder can be divided into two types: side mounted and hat mounted. There is a gearbox mounted on the side, so it is necessary to check the oil and clean the top. The tool changing arm (both arms) needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent debris from accumulating on its plane. Debris accumulation may cause the tool changer to drop the tool, damage the tool or workbench, and even injure the operator. Hat type and tool changing devices need to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated once a month. During the cleaning process, pay attention to remove the debris and dirt on the V-shaped rail under the tool converter. Accumulation of debris may cause the converter to plug. When lubricating the hat type and tool changing device, remove the tools and lightly oil the claw fingers of each tool. Also lightly oil the V-rail. Regular maintenance (screen) the actual situation is that the first thing you do every time you enter the workshop may not be to check the equipment, but to receive customized products from customers Haas's software engineers understand your difficulties and try to put your work, such as checking the lubrication method, coolant filter or doing something else. Haas's CNC control interface is very friendly, and it will show the content that needs regular maintenance. It is like an electronic calendar, reminding you to do a good job of daily maintenance. In the display of the current command, turn up the page three times to see the maintenance page. You will see a list of items that track the history of startup or the time of cycle work. Each item on the list can be opened or closed by clicking with the mouse. When an item is turned on, the default value (a number in hours) will be displayed, and the operator can change this number. When the number becomes zero, the prompt of maintenance expiration will appear at the bottom of the control screen. This is not a warning, nor will it interfere with the normal operation of the device, but it is just a reminder that an item in the list needs attention. Therefore, these suggestions are instructive. Different skills and ways of operating machinery may require different periods of maintenance. The Haas operation manual mentions the details of equipment maintenance and gives the service information required for some additional items, such as the hydraulic power unit of Haas steering center. Maintenance itself is a good idea, but in practice, you may encounter some specific situations, such as sensitive issues of time and cost. However, you should not neglect regular maintenance.

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