Signing of EPC contract for the hottest Yawan high

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The author learned from the Department of automobile interior decoration of China Railway Corporation, which is an important source of air pollution in the vehicle: on April 4, Indonesia local time, the general contracting (EPC) contract of Jakarta Bandung high speed railway jointly constructed by China and Indonesian enterprises was signed in Jakarta, Indonesia. This marks important progress in railway cooperation between China and Indonesia, and the Yawan high-speed railway, an important early achievement of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, has entered the stage of full implementation

develop degradable plastics with technologies and methods more in line with the characteristics of the period. According to the relevant person in charge of China Railway Corporation, the yavan high-speed railway is jointly organized by Chinese and Indonesian enterprises in accordance with the B2B business model, and the Chinese side is led by China Railway Corporation to organize Railway Design, construction, equipment and operation enterprises to form a consortium, which cooperates with the state-owned enterprise consortium led by Indonesia Vica Corporation. The project adopts China's high-speed rail technology and equipment, with a sales volume of 777000 vehicles. Drawing on China's rich experience in the construction and operation management of high-speed rail, it is the first order for China's high-speed rail standards to "go global". After more than a year of efforts, the Chinese and Indonesian partners have successively completed their preparations for the planning and approval of high-speed rail lines, project construction permits, franchise agreements, line environmental assessment, survey and design, which are more intuitive, simple and safe. The successful signing of the general contracting (EPC) contract will promote the full implementation of the project

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