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Product overall packaging scheme process

as for the product packaging design process, our work will focus on how to intervene and promote, how to improve our professional design level, and how to transform services into realizable profits

1. Provide consulting services such as logistics, transportation, packaging inspection and evaluation for customers' product packaging

2. Provide customers with a full set of packaging materials

3 now the monthly production capacity has reached 6500 tons, and the integration and optimization of supply are also actively carrying out the utilization and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, providing and actively cooperating with customers in various modes of logistics supply

4. Focus on promoting this is not quite right with the current emphasis on sustainable development, and strive to become a customer VMI manager

5. Provide on-site packaging services and packaging operation service modules integrated into the customer operation system

6. Green supply and impact (actively recycle all kinds of packaging materials, deal with packaging materials accordingly, reportedly reduce waste and pollution, and increase the probability of recycling packaging materials)

7. Promote the construction of pallet standardization system (contribute to the standardization of China's logistics system, promote pallet standardization, and become the planner, developer, and implementer of industry standards)

8. Further develop the business characteristics of large and giant product packaging

9. Based on fumigation Service, gradually form a personal service project of commodity inspection and customs declaration of packaging materials

10. All undertakings and projects related to packaging materials

we have been operating and applying many measures related to the service of the overall packaging solution before; In the years of leaving the old and ushering in the new, all colleagues of future packaging will, under the leadership of chairman Ren Zilong, re plan our service system, implement our plan in a down-to-earth manner, and move towards success, brightness, and brilliant future step by step

source: Hangzhou Guanqiu Wood Industry Co., Ltd

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