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With the continuous development of the national economy, China's entry into WTO and the deepening of economic globalization, people are increasingly aware of the importance of carton packaging in the process of commodity circulation, and achieve the purpose of product appreciation through good packaging design. A skillful woman cannot make bricks without straw. If there is no qualified cardboard as the premise, how can we talk about qualified cartons! After the corrugated board production line is used, with the wear and tear of equipment parts, the production efficiency will be greatly reduced, and the production cost will be increased. For example, the energy consumption will be increased, the production speed will be reduced, the corrugated sizing volume will be increased, and the sizing position cannot be accurately guaranteed, resulting in poor adhesion of the board, corrugation, compressive strength, wear resistance and so on, which cannot meet the customer's requirements. At the same time, the flatness change of the hot plate (drying plate) also affects the heat exchange; The steam loss of the drainage system increases due to wear, or the temperature of the heating part cannot be guaranteed due to the failure of normal drainage due to blockage. In view of the above problems, our company has invested a lot of human and material resources, constantly explored, discussed, summarized experiences and lessons, and obtained a set of plans to transform the cardboard production line. Compared with purchasing a new cardboard line, the investment is less, the effect is fast, and the immediate effect can be achieved. The following is a combined example, Talk about the transformation of corrugated board production line: touch bar and (1) name of evaluation organization: Transformation of thermal pressure plate of Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences touch bar: the traditional sizing machine uses the pressure roller to finish the sizing of corrugated paper, and then adjust the gap between the pressure roller and the sizing roller, and the corrugated paper is sized after passing the gap

therefore, there are the following defects:

first, because the gap is less than the height of the corrugated paper in the free state, the corrugated deformation is caused after sizing, and the compression resistance and bursting resistance of the paperboard are affected

second, because the glue line is not correct and too wide, and the sizing position is not only at the top of the corrugation, but also at the side of the corrugation. In this way, the bonded paperboard has different degrees of corrugation, pit exposure, bending and other phenomena, which also seriously affects the edge pressure and other strength of the paperboard, and also causes inconvenience to the processing of the subsequent process

third, due to the radial runout of the processed parts (including the corrugation roll, pressing roll, etc.), it also affects the uniformity of corrugated sizing, which is easy to cause blistering and poor adhesion of the paperboard. The installation and use of the contact bar can not only completely change the occurrence of the above adverse phenomena and improve the quality of the paperboard, but also save glue, improve the speed of the paperboard line, further improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost due to the reduction of the sizing amount. The contact bar is composed of pieces of wear-resistant stainless steel materials (tungsten carbide can also be selected), which is driven by springs to press the sizing of corrugated paper in an elastic state, ensuring that the sizing position of corrugated paper and corrugated are not damaged. Thermal pressure plate: the working principle of the thermal pressure plate is similar to that of the pressure bar. It is also composed of wear-resistant stainless steel plates. Driven by the spring force, the corrugated cardboard is pressed by the sail belt to contact the hot plate, so as to speed up the energy exchange and maximize the use of energy. Thermal pressure plate is used in the drying of corrugated board production line to replace the traditional pressure roller. Its purpose is:

first, the pressure roller in the traditional form is easy to cause local wear of the drying plate. After a new paperboard production line has been used for 1 to 2 years, many types of impact testing machines on the market have found that the wear of hot plates can reach 1mm ~ 2mm in relation to the position of the pressing roller. Some hot plates of our modified production line have been worn more than 4mm deep. In this way, when the corrugated board is heated through the hot plate, because the running track of the board is now "s", the forming of the board is affected, and the speed of the production line is also reduced, which is not conducive to the bonding of the board

second, compared with the pressure roller, the contact area between the paperboard and the hot plate is small when the thermal pressure plate is used to press the sail belt, which can greatly improve the contact area between the paperboard and the hot plate and ensure the heat required for the forming of the paperboard, especially the much-needed heat for the forming of the paperboard in front of the drying cadre

third, the use of thermal pressure plate can overcome the poor contact between the local board and the hot plate caused by the thermal deformation of the drying plate, which affects the heat exchange

Fourth, because the height of the thermal pressure plate is realized through automatic control, it can be realized when producing cardboard with different thickness and different layers. If the change-over switch is automatic control, the thickness of the cardboard is guaranteed, especially the same thickness with different longitude in the width direction. The problem of drainage system most of the traps used in the drainage system of the traditional production line are intermittent, which is not conducive to the heat demand under the condition of continuous production. The straight through high-efficiency trap developed by our company can not only meet the heat demand introduced under the continuous production of the paperboard production line, but also reduce energy consumption and long service life compared with other products of the same type. At the same time, due to the generation of back pressure, It can improve the temperature of the heating part. The use of steam recovery machine steam recovery machine is a new type of energy-efficient products

the working principle is to directly press the condensed water at the steam consuming part and the steam carried by it into the boiler through the duplex compression cylinder, so that the boiler, the steam consuming part and the steam recovery machine form a closed circulating circuit, so as to achieve the energy-saving purposes of coal, oil, water, water and electricity saving. At the same time, due to the reduction of the number of times that the boiler replenishes cold water due to evaporation, the time that the boiler maintains the pressure within the set pressure range increases, that is, the number of times that the boiler is restarted and heated up is reduced, which is also conducive to the constant supply of heat at the heating part of the production line, and is also conducive to improving the quality of paperboard and increasing the speed

at present, the installation and use of steam recovery machines in many paper mills, paper mills, plywood mills and other factories have proved the high efficiency and energy saving of steam recovery machines. For example, Guangdong Dongguan Qingxi Xiehe paper factory, Shandong Rizhao Jinbao carton factory and other manufacturers have saved more than 18% of coal and more than 2 tons of water per hour after installing steam recovery machines. At the same time, the service life of the water pump on the boiler has also been increased by more than 60%

source: Guangzhou taizan Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

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