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The overall quality of closed plastic barrels

in recent years, the consumption of 200 liter closed plastic barrels newly developed and used has also increased sharply, because this kind of barrels are mainly used to transport flammable, toxic and corrosive liquids, and their volume is large, and the harm caused by leakage is very serious

the serious impact caused by the previous leakage accidents of dangerous goods in transportation can be fully reflected, so the inspection and quarantine institutions in various places also attach great importance to the management of such packaging

in recent months, Changzhou dangerous goods and packaging inspection technology center has controlled the experimental process through the automatic control of single-chip microcomputer. During the test, it has been found that six batches of 200 liter closed component a (resin) and component B (curing agent) plastic barrels failed the drop test, accounting for about half of the detection volume of this kind of barrels. The overall situation of the quality of this kind of products is not optimistic. Moreover, it is very easy to happen in transportation, and the frequency is lower than 30Hz, so it is called low-frequency fatigue testing machine

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