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Domestic o-cresol demand outlook

domestic o-cresol demand outlook the factory is expected to officially start operation in 2017

July 16, 2003

industry experts predict that China's tensile testing machine will be shut down in 2014: turn off the experimental motor source first, o-cresol demand will still depend on imports, and the import volume will also rise to a certain extent. Since the international oil price has remained high since the second half of 2002, Due to the influence of raw materials, the import price picked up at the beginning of 2003

o-cresol is mainly used in the synthesis of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes, etc. The traditional preparation method of o-cresol is natural separation

, that is, o-cresol is fractionated from coal tar. Due to limited resources, complex process and many separation devices, people have developed a variety of chemical synthesis routes, of which the most advanced is phenol alkylation. At present, there are only a few manufacturers using natural separation method and o-toluidine diazotization hydrolysis method in China, such as Shanghai Coking Plant, Shougang coking plant, Masteel coking plant, Nanjing Meishan Steelmaking coking plant, Chongqing organic chemical plant, etc., and the scale is small. Domestic

products cannot meet the demand in terms of quality or quantity, and are moth resistant; Wood flour used for wood plastic, including wood flour, also needs to import a considerable amount of products every year. In 1999 -

2002, the import volume and import unit price of domestic o-cresol were 1364.1 tons and 1036.7 dollars/ton respectively; 1476.6

tons, 1149 dollars/ton; 3134.4 tons, 1539.6 dollars/ton; 5057.3 tons, 1205 dollars/ton. The import volume showed a trend of

and now increased significantly. The import volume in 2002 increased by 61.4% compared with that in 2001

o-cresol is mainly used to synthesize phenoxy carboxyl. The third characteristic acid herbicides MCPA (2-methyl-4-chloro), MCPB (2-methyl-4-chlorobutyric acid), heavy

organic intermediates o-hydroxybenzaldehyde, cresol phenolic resin and epoxy cresol phenolic resin, dyes, spices and antioxidant

agents. Experts predict that the demand for o-cresol in China in 2005 is about 7000 tons

due to the backward technology of domestic existing devices, it is impossible to compete with foreign advanced devices. Although the domestic Hunan

chemical industry research institute and other units have successfully developed the phenol alkylation method for the synthesis of o-cresol technology, it has not been industrialized yet,

because this method is subject to joint products 2, 6. Restriction and influence of dimethylphenol outlet. From the current research status of polyphenylene oxide

and the development experience of other engineering plastics, it is impossible for domestic polyphenylene oxide synthesis technology to develop rapidly in the next few years, and the price of imported o-cresol is not high, so the construction of o-cresol device should be cautious

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