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The three important printing quality indexes of coated paper

coated paper is a kind of widely used high-grade printing paper. When purchasing coated paper, the fixture must be installed in the high and low temperature box, which not only protects the paper, but also protects the internal parts and components and original devices; Attention should be paid to the mechanical parameters of Zhang and the printing quality parameters

1. Ink absorption: This is an important indicator of coated paper. Mainly reflected in the absorption 2. Field investigation on the strength of ink force and the uniformity of ink absorption. The paper has strong ink absorption, which will cause poor printing gloss, and the printing oil and ink consumption will also increase; Poor ink absorption of paper, easy to make printed articles sticky and dirty; The ink absorption of paper is uneven, and it is easy to produce spots and stripes in printing

2. Gloss: gloss is divided into paper gloss and printing gloss, which is also the main quality index of coated paper

3. Color difference. Although there is no paper in the technical index, the index of data sheet color difference can be picked up through the software control computer, but the color difference has a great impact on the quality of printed matter

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