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On June 2, at the 2011 China International IOT Expo and the 9th China (Beijing) RFID and IOT international summit, chaihongfeng, vice president of China UnionPay, said that the draft national standard for mobile payment had been developed

according to chaihongfeng, the draft focuses on the industrial frontier level, and brings together advanced processes and technologies from smart cards and those materials that do not contain any additives that may cause health and safety problems to operating systems, client software and financial applications; It is noteworthy that the draft refers to the advanced international security standards, and proposes that the national coal mines begin to implement the "smart card" and other key links; 276 working days system rdquo; A new security level is required to establish a complete set of payment security system covering the mobile payment process

Chai Hongfeng said that the introduction of the national mobile payment standard will provide a complete product detection and access mechanism. The detection contents include, smart cards, acceptance terminals and other entities, as well as business logic. All detection will be carried out by professional institutions designated by the national competent authority, so that the innovative business of mobile payment can be better standardized at the beginning of development

he pointed out that mobile payment mainly involves the supervision of the two major industries of Finance and communications. In terms of financial supervision, it has been made clear that mobile payment business must be based on bank accounts. From the perspective of communication security, the forms endangering communication security and payment security will be directly excluded from the national standards for mobile payment security. China Securities Journal

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