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The draft of the fluorine chemical industry policy has been submitted to the Ministry of industry and information technology. At the "2012 China (Changshu) International fluorine chemical industry forum" hosted by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation yesterday, Zhang Fang, director of the fine chemicals division of the petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, disclosed that a draft of the fluorine chemical industry policy drafted by the Institute has been submitted to the Ministry of industry and information technology, and has entered the stage of internal and inter ministerial revision and countersignature, It is expected that GH2132 alloy will be released as soon as this year. Analysts believe that the policy will further tighten access, reverse vicious competition and have a positive impact on leading enterprises

it has been learned from the practitioners that this policy of great changes in the experimental power caused by the fluorine chemical industry includes the policy objective of promoting China's upgrading from a large fluorine chemical industry country to a strong fluorine chemical industry country, the direction of product structure adjustment, technology policy and raw material policy, and the implementation of the requirements of international conventions related to fluorine chemical industry

previously, the access conditions for the hydrogen fluoride industry was issued in March last year, which stipulated that the total scale of hydrogen fluoride for newly-built production enterprises should not be less than 50000 tons/year, and should have stable and reliable fluorite resources. However, Zhang Fang said that the above access conditions only refer to the physical performance test method for the tensile force of the fluorine tensile testing machine on the toothbrush tufts: gb19342 (2) 003 hydrogen compounds. However, this time, the fluorine chemical industry policy has made stricter access regulations for almost all fluorine chemical products and put forward some new requirements, involving scale, key raw materials, comprehensive energy consumption and other aspects. Some varieties are not only newly built, Including reconstruction and expansion. At the same time, the industrial policy has also made comprehensive provisions on the energy consumption, environmental protection, import and export policies of the upstream HF Jinan assay project technical service acid. Weijianhua, chairman of sanaifu, said yesterday that it is expected that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the total output value of China's fluorine chemical industry will reach 150billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of about 37%

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