The downward price of the hottest polymer has a gr

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The decline of polymer prices has a great impact on the plastic recycling market.

according to the industry organization pre, the decline of the crude oil market last year led to the decline of oil prices, but did not affect the demand for recycled plastics in Europe

however, due to the low oil price, the polymer price has a downward trend of high precision (National Standard Level 1 precision), which will cause certain difficulties to the plastic recycling market

pre said that this situation does not reflect the general situation of the European plastic recycling market, but only for some companies that are in contact with the export of plastic products

pre President tonemans said that there are two main factors supporting the demand of the plastic recycling industry in Europe. First, China has issued some policies to reduce plastic waste. Second, high-quality recycled plastics produced by European recyclers with good economic benefits have a stable sales outlet

According to emans, these stable demands have led to the establishment of several new recycling and innovation plants in Europe in the past few months

pre said that the changes in these markets will be from March 22 to 23 The discussion center of plasticsrecyclingshoweurope in Belgium

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