How to match European style to make it more noble

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European style decoration style is always unique. It not only has a low-key connotation, but also gives people a feeling of being in the countryside and feeling relaxed and quiet

European style decoration always gives people a feeling of nobility, luxury and atmosphere. European style decoration has evolved from noble luxury decoration. European style decoration always gives people a feeling of holiness and nobility. Now the more popular is the simple European decoration style. People like the gorgeous, noble, warm and romantic European decoration. So, what are the styles of European decoration? What are the characteristics of European decoration

what are the European decoration styles

1. The main tone of European pastoral style is white. European style rural furniture is mostly made of pure handmade cloth, such as dotted broken flowers, stripes and Scottish plaids. Most furniture materials are pine and toon wood, and the production and carving are all made by hand, which is very exquisite

2. European classical style generally adopts dark colors to highlight the rich classical flavor. Most of the interior decorations are decorated with classical paintings or objects. Furniture, doors and windows are mostly painted white, and the line parts of furniture and picture frames are decorated with gold wires and gilts. Such furniture and decorations reflect a gorgeous and elegant atmosphere

3. The simple decoration style of European style is mainly ivory white, supplemented by light colors and dark colors. Its style is characterized by atmosphere and nature. European style furniture with simple decoration style presents an incomplete and regular state when placed, reflecting the characteristics of a relaxed treatment of life

how to match the European decoration style

1. European style decoration design concept is unique, its furniture and lighting are slightly European characteristics and have a certain cultural atmosphere. Modern European style decoration not only reflects luxury and atmosphere, but also is more comfortable and romantic. European style decoration has rich changes in lines and corners. Through perfect curves and exquisite details, it gives people a comfortable touch

2. Modern European style decoration is more suitable for large-area houses, and the area is too small to show the momentum of European style. It is impossible to make good use of European style without certain aesthetic quality

3. Furniture with European decoration style pays attention to good materials, most of which are made of walnut, cherry and beech with good texture. And gold plating, silver plating, marble inlaying, etc. on the handle, bedside or details of decorations. Let the whole interior show the original tradition and luxury style

4. Most European sofas choose sofas with elegant colors and simple lines to decorate the living room. European style study usually uses wooden floor with elegant color. European style lamps generally use birdcage lamps. In order to meet the needs of lighting, designers will open skylights on the roof, so the study adds a bit of laziness

5. European style bathroom also uses gorgeous lamps, mirrors, trinkets, plus European wallpaper, so that the narrow bathroom also reveals a Western tone. European style kitchens generally use open kitchens, which can bring people enjoyment in space




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