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Feng shui knowledge of house purchase and decoration

what Feng Shui is about house purchase and decoration

first, Feng Shui layout, we should reasonably arrange the auspicious and inauspicious directions in the home

the layout of many houses is not very reasonable, which often wastes auspicious positions, so that the auspicious aura of wealth, officials, longevity, happiness and so on can not play a full role, which is worth mentioning. However, the problem is that the master bedroom and living room, which are most closely related to the fate of the family, are designed in the position of great evil, making the unlucky aura of lonely stars, sad stars, five ghost stars and so on become the main melody of home feng shui, which is a big mistake

in this case, it is easy to have an adverse impact on all aspects of the family's fortunes, and the most serious may even cause family illness, injury, family disintegration and other tragedies

this requires feng shui masters to conduct on-the-spot investigation, rearrange their homes, make rational use of auspicious positions and avoid ominous positions; And according to the analysis of the eight characters of the residents' birthday, determine the most suitable room for everyone to live in, so that Feng Shui can become a bonus for the residents' good luck

second, use decorative means to resolve Feng Shui evil spirit

Feng Shui taboos commonly seen in home feng shui, such as beam coping, hall evil, etc., can be adjusted during decoration according to the suggestions of feng shui masters

1. Beam capping

because of the structural needs of modern buildings, there are often more beams on the roof. If the beam is located on the bed, sofa, coffee table, dining table and desk, it is easy to increase the long-term pressure of the residents, and it is difficult to reach the goal

solution: if the floor is high, you can use false ceiling, which is the blocking method in geomancy. Or wrap the beam to form a circle or arch, which is called "chemical method" by Feng Shui

2. Hall brake

hall brake refers to the entrance door and window (or balcony) are transparent in front and back, there is no barrier in the middle, and the air flow directly passes through the hall. There is a special saying: "before and after, people and money are empty.", Not only do not gather money, but also because of the wind blowing through the hall, it is easy to get sick

solution: on the one hand, use screens or porches to separate, on the other hand, use professional chemical evil things to resolve

third, according to the fate of the owner, choose decorative colors and materials, improve the owner's fortune, and enhance the resistance to bad feng shui

there are 5 pages in total, page 1 12345, the next page is the unity of heaven and man, and let Feng Shui serve people, which is the highest level of service that feng shui masters can provide to customers

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the material and color of household decorations will have a great impact on the fate of residents

therefore, when looking at Feng Shui during decoration, feng shui masters will combine the five elements loved by the fate of the residents, choose the most suitable decorative materials, and allocate the most suitable home colors, which can help the owner prosper and dissolve adverse information

IV. placing various professional evil mascots and dissolving evil spirits

the mascots of professional evil spirits are based on the principles of the book of changes, involving professional theories such as five elements, three talents, nine stars, eight trigrams, etc., which are highly professional and targeted, and also have a certain evil spirit

therefore, the location, time, orientation and other aspects of the mascots are very particular, and they cannot be placed at will. Otherwise, it will not only fail to turn evil spirits into evil spirits, but may also bring about counter effects. These require feng shui masters to put forward reasonable suggestions and purchase the most appropriate mascots according to the specific situation of home feng shui, so as to truly play the role of transforming evil spirits and warding off evil spirits

pay attention to Feng Shui about buying and decoration

first of all, the most important thing to think about the layout of decoration is the feng shui of the gate. The orientation of the gate is very important. Generally, you can find out the preferred orientation according to the orientation of people. For example, the preferred orientation of "Yang Ming Huo Xiang Ren" is southwest and northeast, so if the gate is facing southwest and northeast, it is very easy to absorb good Qi, not only gathering Qi, And the gate also belongs to the place where wealth comes in and out. Once the layout is correct, the feng shui of the gate will easily add wealth to the home

the living room is a wealth position in the home, because in the decoration, the living room should try to avoid the top of the beam. Of course, it can be avoided in the home layout. Generally, the ceiling in the living room should not be placed too high. Generally, the ceiling is too high, which is easy to affect people's mental health. In Feng Shui, the ceiling is too low, which is easy to cause a sense of oppression, which means that the family is easy to be suppressed, and it is difficult to get ahead of the day. The best solution is to hang it higher

there are 5 pages in total. Page 1 12345 the next page in the home, the stairs should not be opposite to the door, and the orientation of the door should not be in a straight line to form an offset. The Feng Shui directly facing the Feng Shui above the feng shui is easy to affect the health of the body, including the feng shui of the stairs. The stairs are also the air outlet, and the door is opposite to the door, so the air outlet will be easily affected, including wealth and gas will be difficult to enter the door, Of course, the pattern of stairs is difficult to change, so it is suggested that F6 Taiji town can be hung on the door to professionally resolve it

what is the stress of Feng Shui in buying and decorating a house? first, you need to know why the house is sold

whether the old owner has any adverse circumstances such as accidental injury. If you can know his industry, luck, health, marriage and so on, you can avoid staying in a vicious house from the beginning

second, clear the house type design pattern

because houses with unreasonable house type design should pay special attention to the poor pattern, such as opening the door to the balcony, kitchen door to the window, toilet door to the window or toilet to the kitchen. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is a pattern of not accumulating wealth, which will lead to the decline of property after occupancy. We also need to consider the location of the kitchen and toilet. If the location is inappropriate, it will have a direct impact on the health of the family

third, it is necessary to know whether the house is lack of corners. A house without corners will always cause harm to a member of the family.

for example, the lack of Northwest corners is bad for the male owner of the house, the lack of Southwest corners is bad for the female owner, the lack of East corners is bad for the son, and the lack of West corners is bad for the daughter. Although you can also recuperate through feng shui supplies after you check in, wouldn't it be better if you could avoid it when you buy it

fourth, when buying a second-hand house, you must understand the decline of the house

this is also the most important link, that is, the key to your good luck or bad luck after you check in. At present, most of the houses are built by the Seventh National Games (1984-2003), and have been built by the Eighth National Games (2004-2023) since 2004. When the old owner bought the house, he was still in good fortune, but his luck may have turned bad when he sold it. You can imagine your luck when you buy a house with poor performance. If you buy a good house and live in it for a period of time and find that your luck is slowly declining, check your house carefully. It may be that it brings you bad luck

v. if the house itself is OK, check the location of the house in the community

don't buy houses such as luchong or high-voltage towers and overpasses nearby. Don't buy houses near hospitals, temples or government agencies, which are easy to cause anger. It is more important to know whether your house is located in the community, such as scissors or grab

VI. if there is nothing wrong with the house, you should pay attention to how to move in.

when you move in, you must wait for the old owner to move out for more than two weeks before you can move in, so as to avoid bearing the bad luck of the house in the past. You'd better whitewash it and remove all the old traces

there are 5 pages in total. Page 1 12345 next page 7. When moving in and moving out, you should choose to do it on a auspicious day.

you can check the calendar book. All records in Tongsheng include: post horse, heavenly horse, Dehe, Kairi, Chengri, tianamnesty, Tianyuan, Sixiang, Shide, minri, yueen, etc. it is best to move out. Avoid all records in Tongsheng: four wastes, five tombs, four departures, breaking the sun, weekdays, receiving the sun, closing the sun, four wonders, going to death, Guiji, Tianli, Dashi, Yuefan The moon punishment, three evil spirits and other days, as well as the day when they should not collide with the house owner's zodiac

VIII. Special attention should be paid to

when checking in, take 21 incense sticks (at least 3 columns) and enter from the left of the house, let the thick smoke sweep up and down the hall, toilet, bathroom, kitchen range, ceiling, wall and foot of the wall, go out from the right of the house to a safe place outside, and then put it out

IX. special reminder

if you are pregnant, don't witness the whole relocation process. During the auspicious day of relocation, it's best to do some work such as worshipping God and setting off firecrackers. In the first week of stay, you must be busy, that is, invite healthy and lively young men and women to play in the house, sing and play cards. The more lively, the better, and increase the masculinity of the house. (fortune telling)

10. On the day of check-in, you must boil a pot of water, which means that money is rolling

at the same time, plug all kinds of bathtubs and pools, turn on the faucet, and let the water flow freely, because the thin water flows long, which means that the basin is full, and you can also turn on the fan, but don't blow to the door, which means that the wind generates water

there are five pages in total, the first page 12345 the next page

in Feng Shui, we often attach great importance to orientation and location, because from the perspective of Feng Shui, different locations have different Feng Shui auras, so if we want to make something better, we must put it in the corresponding Feng Shui aura environment

for example, the position of the desk is related to Feng Shui. Different positions of the desk have different effects on the Feng Shui aura in the office, and this effect will directly affect the fate of the owner. As the office is mainly used for the owner's office work, when there is a problem with the placement of the desk, it will be detrimental to the owner's career development

is the location of the desk related to Feng Shui? Poor position is bad for your career

then what problems should be paid attention to when placing the desk, and how should the desk be placed

1. The desk cannot be opposite the door: if the desk is placed facing the door, it means that the owner also needs to sit facing the door. In this way, a situation of Feng Shui aura hedging will be formed. The owner's aura conflicts with the Feng Shui aura entering from outside the office. In this case, it is very detrimental to the owner's fate, and it is not conducive to the Qi absorption effect of the desk

so when placing the desk, you must avoid the door of the office and try to place it on the slightly left side of the door, which will be very helpful for the gas absorption effect of the desk

2. The desk should not be under the window: if the desk is placed under the window, the owner should sit in the window. The window is an air outlet in Feng Shui, so if the owner sits here, the air will flow out with the window, which will also bring many disadvantages to his own air

and it should be noted here that it is not good to lean against or face the window. At the same time, due to the influence of light, it will also have a certain adverse impact on the owner's work

therefore, the above contents must be paid special attention when placing the desk

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