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In recent years, partition is becoming more and more common in family decoration, and there are various ways of partition, which adds a good decorative effect to the indoor decoration. So, how to partition the kitchen and restaurant? For friends who come into contact with decoration for the first time, it is inevitable to have such questions. The partition decoration of kitchen and restaurant should not only refer to the house type, but also consider the overall decoration style and main functions. If you want to have storage function, you can consider using semi transparent wine cabinet or decorative cabinet to partition; If you only consider the differentiation of space, you can also use crystal curtains or customize a wood openwork or art glass screen, which can not only save space, but also be more fashionable. The pattern can be determined according to your preferences

now the popular open kitchen, but the open kitchen seems to be unable to avoid lampblack. Partition is a good solution. Ingeniously use partition between the kitchen and the restaurant to distinguish the two, so that you can avoid lampblack while ensuring the spatial effect of the kitchen. It is the decoration method most owners have adopted in recent years. So what are the partition decoration methods and precautions of the kitchen and restaurant? In order to facilitate you to further understand the decoration, let me explain the relevant knowledge of kitchen and restaurant partitions

partition method of kitchen and restaurant &mdash& mdash; Transparent storage wall

transparent partition, both partition and storage. It increases the interest of the room, which is very suitable for the use of small houses

partition method of kitchen and restaurant &mdash& mdash;& mdash; Sliding door partition is one of the most common decoration. Pollution was completely rejected. Choose green, beautiful and fresh

partition method of kitchen and restaurant &mdash& mdash;& mdash; Bar partition

strong petty bourgeoisie sentiment and exotic style. Enhance the taste of the room

partition method of kitchen and restaurant &mdash& mdash;& mdash; Hollow partition

hollow partition divides the kitchen and restaurant areas, which is both transparent and beautiful, and is a good choice for many owners

kitchen and dining room partition precautions

kitchen and dining room partition &mdash& mdash; Open

(1) circuit safety: keep away from gas lines, and connect lines and pipes from underground, otherwise it will affect the appearance

(2) decoration materials should be easy to clean: walls, floors, kitchens, and materials that are easy to clean

(3) the supporting furniture is mainly concise: when customized or purchased, it must be concise to prevent contamination with oil and facilitate cleaning

(4) ventilation in open kitchen is the key: use high-power, multi-functional range hood, good ventilation, and make the indoor light more transparent

kitchen dining room partition &mdash& mdash; Closed

1. Partition materials for closed kitchens and restaurants: partition walls, partition doors, and mobile doors

partition walls, partition doors, or mobile doors are commonly used in Chinese kitchens

2. The advantage of separating the closed kitchen from the restaurant

ensures the complete leakage of lampblack and the air is not polluted. Suitable for Chinese kitchens and restaurants

3. Precautions for the partition design of closed kitchen and dining room

(1) lighting: consider the lighting of the kitchen, because the lighting range of the kitchen space becomes smaller

(2) space layout: the space becomes smaller. In order to avoid congestion, use the space reasonably

(3) fresh air: the kitchen is an important place for lampblack. Design the function of lampblack machine and the size of window

kitchen dining room partition &mdash& mdash; Half open mode

1. The partition materials of kitchen and restaurant in half open mode: glass, stainless steel, curtain (bead curtain)

glass, stainless steel, curtain are the best materials. It can also have the effect of isolating lampblack

2. The advantages of the partition between the kitchen and the restaurant in the semi open mode

prevent the leakage of oil smoke and have a strong decorative effect, forming a rich spatial structure

3. Precautions for the partition design of semi open kitchen and restaurant

(1) sufficient lighting: make full use of light. Semi open kitchen will not block natural light

(2) spatial hierarchy of kitchen and restaurant: consider the spatial hierarchy to avoid the monotony of the restaurant. That is, open and full

(3) function of partition: the problem of kitchen lampblack emission needs to be considered

editor's summary: the above is the relevant knowledge introduction of kitchen and restaurant partition decoration methods and precautions. I hope to help friends with this need! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to Qijia mall to buy your favorite products




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