Methods of removing pollution after decoration

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Methods of removing pollution after decoration

>& gt;& gt; Smart home decoration saves money and is environmentally friendly

paint smell: newly painted walls or furniture have a strong paint smell. To remove the paint smell, you only need to put two pots of cold salt water indoors, and the paint smell will be removed in one to two days. You can also soak onions in a basin, which is equally effective. When decorating a new house to remove the odor, plants can be used to help the newly decorated house. There will always be some odor, thick or light. There are many ways to remove the odor, and the best way is to ventilate the room

■ when decorating a new house to remove the odor, plants can be used to help

the newly decorated house will always have some odor, thick or light. There are many ways to remove the odor, and the best way is to ventilate the room. If you selectively put some plants in your new house, it will be more helpful to purify the air. So, what plants are suitable for placement

Chlorophytum comosum: it is understood that there is a kind of Chlorophytum comosum also called "folding Crane", which is not only beautiful, but also has a particularly good effect of adsorbing toxic gases. A basin of Chlorophytum comosum in a room of 8-10 square meters is equivalent to an air purifier. Even in an undecorated room, raising a basin of Chlorophytum comosum is also very beneficial to people's health

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has a certain effect of absorbing peculiar smell, and it also has the effect of beautifying the room, with a long effect time

cactus: most plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day, but the opposite is true at night. Cactus, tiger skin orchid, Sedum, aloe and Chlorophytum comosum all absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. These plants are very easy to survive

Ping An tree: at present, large plants such as Ping An tree and camphor tree, which are popular in the market, can release a kind of fresh gas by themselves, which makes people happy. Ping An tree is also called "cinnamon". When buying this kind of plant, you must pay attention to the pot soil. The compact combination of root and soil is potted, and vice versa. Choose potted plants when buying, because the potted plants have been localized and easy to survive

if you want to get rid of the pungent smell of your new house as soon as possible, you can irradiate the plants with lights. Once plants are exposed to light, their vitality is particularly vigorous, and photosynthesis is strengthened, releasing several times more oxygen than under the condition of no light irradiation

■ how to remove indoor odor in decoration

expert answer:

1. Rice vinegar and a certain amount of water can be poured into the basin and placed indoors to neutralize the odor

2. You can buy green plants and put them at home

3. Buy some well-known formaldehyde trapping agents

>& gt;& gt; Eight items of home decoration pay attention to prevent formaldehyde pollution

■ how to remove the formaldehyde smell in the home

what to do when there is formaldehyde or other kinds of peculiar smell in the home? Environmental protection experts give you tips for home cleaning -

■ soak 300g black tea in two basins of hot water, put it in the room, and open the window for ventilation. The formaldehyde content in the room will drop by more than 90% within 48 hours, and the pungent smell will be basically eliminated

■ buy 800g granular activated carbon to remove formaldehyde. Divide the activated carbon into 8 parts and put them into plates. Put two to three plates in each room. After 72 hours, the indoor odor can be basically eliminated

■ prepare 400g of coal ash, sub pack it in a washbasin and put it into the room where formaldehyde needs to be removed. The formaldehyde content can be reduced to a safe range within a week. The above methods are also applicable to families without peculiar smell after decoration, because some harmful substances are colorless and tasteless. The more clean, the more safe

■ put the soaked tea in the refrigerator to achieve deodorization. If there is no tea, you can also cut the lemon or diced willow. As long as half a piece can achieve the effect. In addition, wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a cloth stained with beer, and the odor will also be eliminated

■ placing green plants in the bathroom of the family can achieve the effect of regulating the air and eliminating peculiar smell. It's best to keep a pot of green plants in the window, or put a vase and insert three or five flowers, which can bring a fresh and pleasant feeling

plant absorption method:

1 Plants with formaldehyde absorption function, such as Chlorophytum comosum, aloe, Agave, tiger tail orchid, etc

2. Plants that can absorb benzene, such as ivy and hemlock

3. Plants that can absorb trichloroethylene, such as evergreen, Daisy, Agave, etc

4. Plants that can absorb sulfur dioxide, such as roses and roses

5. Plants with dust absorption function, such as Osmanthus fragrans

6. Plants with bactericidal effect, such as peppermint




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