Five advantages of new luxury teak flooring

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Teak floor is a kind of solid wood floor. With its unique characteristics, teak floor is unanimously considered by professionals to be the top grade of solid wood floor and become the upstart in the floor. However, if you spend a lot of money on teak flooring, there must be something special about it.

teak flooring is one of the solid wood flooring. Teak flooring, with its unique characteristics, is unanimously recognized by professionals as the top grade of solid wood flooring and has become the upstart in the flooring. But if you spend a lot of money on teak flooring, there must be something special about it. Here are five advantages of teak flooring

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1, naturally contains heavy oil, which can prevent moisture, insects and ants. Teak after being cut down for a month, because of the changes in internal nutrients, it plays a role in preventing moths. It is also particularly resistant to decay. Teak has an example of Millennium non decay

2, micro pinhole stable structure, so that teak solid wood flooring has both strength and toughness, and good stability. Generally, hard miscellaneous wood flooring will shrink greatly in winter after two years of installation, with a gap of 3 to 4 mm; And in summer, it swells and bulges, and there is a big loosening sound. Teak solid wood floor is very stable, and the gap change is very small

3, the color is classic, golden brown to bronze, beautiful ink lines, billows of oil shadow, and the overall laying constitute a variety of natural scenery, which embodies a deep natural temperament, especially classical and elegant

4, teak has a unique natural mellow fragrance, which can prevent insects and ants, has good water resistance, dry shrinkage, and is particularly resistant to corrosion, with an example of Millennium non-corrosion. It is refreshing and refreshing. Its fragrance has a good effect on the brain nervous system of middle-aged and elderly people

5, lasting, oil spots will gradually fade with the effect of sunlight, the color of the layout will be fresh and lasting, and the color will become more beautiful with time

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