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Wallpaper of different styles coupled with a carefully selected curtain can often bring a fantastic surprise to life. When you open the door, the wallpaper curtain is always the most eye-catching because of its location advantages, and the choice of wallpaper and curtain can fully show the owner's taste and pursuit, so the purchase of wallpaper curtain is particularly important. So how to make wallpaper and curtains match perfectly and make our room more warm, romantic and quality

when matching wallpaper and curtains, we should pay attention to two aspects: color and shape

color: first, the colors of curtains and wallpaper must complement each other. If the wallpaper chooses plain color, the curtains can be a little fancy. For example, you can choose the style of hollowed out or three-dimensional embroidery, which will mobilize the flexibility of the whole room

secondly, curtains and wallpapers should be matched with the overall home environment, which has become the default rule for choosing curtains and wallpapers. For example, brown wallpaper, brown velvet curtains, coupled with the same color of the floor and tables and chairs, the typical Western classical decoration style, can make the whole room noble and elegant atmosphere everywhere

form part: the style of the curtain should roughly match the style of the wallpaper. If the wallpaper is American rural style, the curtain cannot choose a Chinese style. If the wallpaper chooses the style with small patterns (such as pastoral style and European palace style), then when choosing curtains, it is not recommended to choose gauze curtains and cloth curtains with small broken patterns. Otherwise, it will appear that the room is not generous and stable. It's best to choose plain colors or curtains with slight vertical stripes. The perfect matching of wallpaper and curtains should be considered from the two aspects of color and style. Only by taking both into account can we add color, romance and taste to our home life

wallpaper curtain matching tips:

bright yellow wallpaper and white curtains can ease the sharp feeling of bright yellow and inadvertently outline a warm and romantic picture

the light blue wallpaper is matched with the light white curtain, and every moment vaguely reveals the life style of "petty bourgeoisie"

matching blue wallpaper with coffee colored curtains, coupled with a white sofa, you will have a panoramic view of the whole Mediterranean style home

blue striped wallpaper with beige curtains, elegant and clean breeze blowing on my face

light red wallpaper can be matched with dark red curtains, so that the whole room will be more three-dimensional, inadvertently making the room more layered

dark red wallpaper can also be matched with that kind of dark coffee curtains, revealing the noble and atmospheric characteristics

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